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cosmetic box packaging
  • Handmade Gift Packaging Production Process In EECA

    Gift-giving is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. On festivals, gifts are given to each other. This can also be said to be a custom that represents people's hearts. However, as the saying goes, "gift is light and affectionate", which means that gift-giving does not need to be very precious or p

    2022 08-27
  • How To Design Cosmetic Packaging Boxes More Beautiful

    In order to excel in the industry, cosmetic boxes must not only be recognized by consumers in terms of product quality and have good results, but also need to have good marketing strategies, price advantages, etc., and also The design of the cosmetic packaging box is indispensable, so let's take a l

    2022 08-13
  • What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To In The Design Of High-End Cosmetic Gift Boxes

    Nowadays, with the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, we can see that the competition of high-end cosmetic gift boxes in the market is gradually becoming fiercer. Different brands of cosmetics have launched different levels of gift boxes. How can you make your high-end cosmetic gift box st

    2022 08-12
  • The function and purpose of proofing

    Proofing is an important and indispensable step between prepress production and printing.First, proofing is helpful for customers to check the quality of the original.For example: whether the color of the step box to meet the requirements, and size, image and text layout and line is correct.If there

    2019 08-13
  • The importance of packaging to brand

    Packaging is the visual carrier of the brand. The purpose of our packaging is to make the products unique and highlight the individuality of the products.

    2019 07-15
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