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  • Why Do Different Batches Of Packaging Boxes Print Differently?

    When printing products, we will find that there are always some differences in the color of different batches of products. Sometimes the differences are small, and you need to look carefully to see it. Sometimes the color difference will be obvious. Why does this happen?1. The difference on the pape

    2022 12-28
  • What are the printing and processing techniques for custom jewelry packaging?

    The printing of jewelry packaging is relatively complicated and needs to go through a variety of processes to complete. When customizing jewelry packaging, the jewelry packaging factory will formulate a printing plan according to the customer's packaging needs, and then operate according to the proc

    2022 12-26
  • What Are The Processes Of Cartons?

    Generally speaking, the process of gift packaging carton can be divided into three types: book box, heaven and earth cover box, and special-shaped box. Generally, the production process of ordinary cartons can be roughly divided into seven aspects: design, proofing, cardboard selection, printing, su

    2022 11-29
  • How to attract customers through jewelry packaging boxes?

    We have mentioned in many previous articles that jewelry packaging boxes can not only enhance the value of the product itself but also play an invisible publicity role. With the progress of the times, everyone's living standards are improving, and the quality and requirements of life are also improv

    2022 11-22
  • Summary Of Flower Industry In Countries Of The World

    After the Second World War, with the recovery and development of the post-war economy, the flower industry has maintained a vigorous development momentum with its unique charm and has become one of the most dynamic industries in the world today. Flower products have become bulk commodities in intern

    2022 11-17
  • Jewelry box manufacturers: tips for jewelry maintenance

    Your jewelry is a financial and emotional investment. Taking care of your jewelry not only keeps them looking good but also ensures that it will last forever. As a jewelry box manufacturer, we are committed to better jewelry packaging to protect your jewelry from damage. But when you use jewelry, th

    2022 11-15
  • 5 Tips for Finding Jewelry Packaging Box Manufacturers

    There are many jewelry packaging boxes, with different styles and prices. Many friends who have just started jewelry sales do not know what criteria to choose when choosing jewelry packaging box manufacturers. It is worth noting that the packaging box has a great impact on the sales performance of j

    2022 11-10
  • Who Knows How To Design The Packaging Of High-End Red Wine Gift Boxes To Be Attractive

    In this economically developed society, gift giving has become a more and more important subject. Many people will send red wine to others, because red wine is not only a high-grade wine, but also a kind of wine that can help people live longer. Many gift givers like this kind of thing because of it

    2022 11-03
  • Which Industry Is The World Lid Gift Box Commonly Used In?

    More and more electronic products appear in the market, and their packaging is also dazzling. Among them, the sky and earth covers account for many packaging components. I don't know if you have noticed that the packaging boxes we usually buy for mobile phones are Base And Lid gift boxes, some of th

    2022 10-26
  • Paper Gift Box Production Process

    Paper gift box production process:Printing → surface finishing → outsourcing material die-cutting → gray plate die-cutting → gray plate grooving → gray plate forming → outsourcing material pasting → assembly → inspection → packingSelection of paper1.Consider paper types, such as coated paper, art pa

    2022 10-24
  • The Importance Of Flower Packaging

    The Importance of flower packagingGift packaging is one of the longest business etiquette flowers used by florists. The florist's bouquet gift package reflects the basic aesthetics of the florist. Flower shop quality begins with flower gift packaging. Packaging is the final decision. It can surprise

    2022 10-21
  • What Is The Difference Between Digital Proofing And Computer Proofing Of Color Boxes

    After the design of the color box is completed, each customer will generally carry out proofing first to determine whether the design meets the customer's requirements. There are two kinds of color box proofing: digital proofing and upper press proofing. Today, let's introduce the difference between

    2022 10-19
  • Cardboard Is The Five Factors That Make The Best Product Packaging Material

    And cardboard is often the material for making the best product packaging boxes. We listed the following five reasons:1. VersatilityCardboard can be creatively adapted to products of different shapes and sizes. With advanced design, cardboard packaging can have multiple uses or create a packaging bo

    2022 10-13
  • How To Choose The Material Of The Gift Box?

    People are beautiful because of their clothes, and beautiful because of their clothes. Similarly, fancy gift boxes also play an important role in gift sales, especially to attract customers, increase product value and increase the company's brand image. Choosing a gift box means choosing the materia

    2022 10-10
  • Gift Box Customization Considerations

    1. In the process of customization, the size of the required gift box should be accurately grasped and accurately supplied to the manufacturer of the gift box;2. Gift box customization to ensure that the pattern on the packaging is clear and precise;3. The choice of materials should be determined ac

    2022 10-06
  • What Products Can Be Printed By Thermal Transfer Printing

    There are many types of thermal transfer prints, and some are not suitable for thermal transfer. Let's take a look at which ones are suitable for thermal transfer and which ones are not suitable for thermal transfer.suitable product:1)Various plastics (ABS, AS, PP, PS, PVC, EVAPE, PET) wood, metal,

    2022 10-04
  • What do you need to pay attention to when custom jewelry packaging?

    There are many types and styles of jewelry packaging, and each brand has its own unique jewelry packaging. To impress customers with your brand, custom jewelry packaging seems to be a very good way. However, custom jewelry packaging is not a simple matter. If you do not make adequate preparations in

    2022 09-28
  • Uses Of The Paper Box

    To a large extent, carton packaging uses its exquisite shape and decoration to promote and beautify products and improve the competitiveness of products. Since the shape and structure design of the carton are often determined by the shape and characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many sty

    2022 09-26
  • What Is The Difference Between A Boutique Box And A Color Box

    In daily life, we always hear the terms about color boxes or boutique boxes, and all kinds of color boxes are flooded in front of us, making it difficult to distinguish their differences. So do you know which are color boxes and which are boutique boxes?Color box packaging refers to folding cartons

    2022 09-21
  • New Custom Logo Printing Heart Rose Flower Bouquet Packaging Box for Wedding Flower Arrangement

    ♥️ MATERIAL: High grade sturdy cardboard box, the decorative nested gift box is super sturdy and never deformed. Heart shape design, perfect gift packaging box for flower arrangement, strawberries, jewelry, candle or other storage.♥️ SIZE of the nested flower boxes: Size L - 8.2(L)x6.8(W)x3.54(H) In

    2022 09-19
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