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  • What do you need to pay attention to when custom jewelry packaging?

    There are many types and styles of jewelry packaging, and each brand has its own unique jewelry packaging. To impress customers with your brand, custom jewelry packaging seems to be a very good way. However, custom jewelry packaging is not a simple matter. If you do not make adequate preparations in

    2022 09-28
  • Uses Of The Paper Box

    To a large extent, carton packaging uses its exquisite shape and decoration to promote and beautify products and improve the competitiveness of products. Since the shape and structure design of the carton are often determined by the shape and characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many sty

    2022 09-26
  • What Is The Difference Between A Boutique Box And A Color Box

    In daily life, we always hear the terms about color boxes or boutique boxes, and all kinds of color boxes are flooded in front of us, making it difficult to distinguish their differences. So do you know which are color boxes and which are boutique boxes?Color box packaging refers to folding cartons

    2022 09-21
  • New Custom Logo Printing Heart Rose Flower Bouquet Packaging Box for Wedding Flower Arrangement

    ♥️ MATERIAL: High grade sturdy cardboard box, the decorative nested gift box is super sturdy and never deformed. Heart shape design, perfect gift packaging box for flower arrangement, strawberries, jewelry, candle or other storage.♥️ SIZE of the nested flower boxes: Size L - 8.2(L)x6.8(W)x3.54(H) In

    2022 09-19
  • New Arrival Envelop Paper Florist Flower Bouquet Gift Packaging Boxes with Custom Logo Wholesale 7.9x2.8x5.7 Inch

    Premium commercial quality flower paper box, perfect for holding fresh flowersEach folded paper box size is: 7.9x2.8x5.7 InchKorean Vintage Style, novelty and attractive envelop designBulk quantity of 5 boxes in this package, multi colorsHuge variety of latest trendy designs to choose from - check t

    2022 09-14
  • The Use Of Plastic Thermoforming Molds In The Production Process Of Folding Gift Boxes

    With the progress of the times, the use of commodity packaging boxes purchased by consumers has gradually changed from the traditional simple packaging form using twist paper to the use of various packaging boxes and wrapping papers with excellent performance and hard texture. With the continuous in

    2022 09-12
  • What Material Is Better For The Jewelry Box?

    What material is good for the jewelry box?1. Flocking high-end jewelry boxFlocking high-end jewelry boxes are liked by many people, and they are also commonly used jewelry boxes for people to store gold and silver jewelry.The flocking box is mainly made of plastic, and the surface is flocked. The fl

    2022 09-07
  • What Kind Of Paper Is Used To Pack Handbags? Choose The Right Paper And Design The Perfect Paper Bag

    With the rapid development of the printing industry, the development of paper is also very rapid. Different products and different types of paper have their own characteristics. Handbags are one of EECA's main businesses. EECA will introduce you to a wide variety of paper and reveal what paper handb

    2022 09-05
  • What To Pay Attention To When Designing Chocolate Packaging Boxes

    With the continuous development of the economy, various high-end gift boxes can be seen in major shopping malls and supermarkets. Whether it is chocolate to eat or daily necessities, they will show a perfect image after gift packaging, which is beautiful and beautiful. And practical. The reason why

    2022 08-31
  • Paper And Paperboard Packaging Market To Develop With Widespread Plastic Bans

    Papers have been expended in flexible packaging for various products, including candy, pet food, and dried food. However, by the early 2000s, the demand for paper as a flexible packaging substrate started to diminish due to downgauging competition and the emergence of plastic substitutes. Flexible p

    2022 08-29
  • Handmade Gift Packaging Production Process In EECA

    Gift-giving is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. On festivals, gifts are given to each other. This can also be said to be a custom that represents people's hearts. However, as the saying goes, "gift is light and affectionate", which means that gift-giving does not need to be very precious or p

    2022 08-27
  • New Recycled Cardboard Christmas Ramadan Advent Calendar Gift Packaging Box In EECA

    The Christmas Calendar is designed with 24 numbered doors which you can hide small surprises behind for each day. Such as small coins, treats, candies, toys, or even special messages can be put into the doors so that every day you count down you get something special.Christmas Calendar is crafted fr

    2022 08-24
  • Wholesale Mukeup Birthday Gift Packaging Anime Mystery Photo Packaging Box

    Creative explosion gift box:When closed,explosive gift box looks like a normal blue gift box,but when you open it, you will find many surprises,the gift box has 4 side,5 layers and 12 pockets,all the sides fall back to reveal a large mufti-layerd card and show all the love you put into it.Surprise E

    2022 08-22
  • The Magic Of Sales In Beautiful Gift Boxes

    Reciprocity is a traditional Chinese way of treating people. Therefore, "gift" has a certain status in my country, and there are also special gift sales areas in shopping malls. In the dazzling gifts, how to stand out and how to attract consumers' desire to buy are the key issues that every business

    2022 08-17
  • What Material Is Suitable For Making A Folding Gift Box

    Environmental protection, as a new popular idea, has become a consensus among people. Cars should be environmentally friendly, eating should be environmentally friendly, and even sleeping should be environmentally friendly. Environmental protection affects people's way of life all the time. If we wa

    2022 08-15
  • How To Design Cosmetic Packaging Boxes More Beautiful

    In order to excel in the industry, cosmetic boxes must not only be recognized by consumers in terms of product quality and have good results, but also need to have good marketing strategies, price advantages, etc., and also The design of the cosmetic packaging box is indispensable, so let's take a l

    2022 08-13
  • What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To In The Design Of High-End Cosmetic Gift Boxes

    Nowadays, with the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, we can see that the competition of high-end cosmetic gift boxes in the market is gradually becoming fiercer. Different brands of cosmetics have launched different levels of gift boxes. How can you make your high-end cosmetic gift box st

    2022 08-12
  • Do you know 5 types of commonly used jewelry packaging boxes?

    Jewelry is an indispensable decoration for women all over the world, and the storage of scattered and complicated jewelry is a troublesome problem, so you need a delicate jewelry box to collect your beloved jewelry. Choosing a suitable jewelry packaging box can not only help you store jewelry but al

    2022 08-10
  • How To Make A Flower Arrangement In A Gift Flower Box

    If you want to send a gift flower box to your loved one to convey your thoughts, it is very beautiful to think about it. Matching carefully selected gifts and flowers can have different effects, but what about making a gift flower box flower arrangement? First, prepare containers, tools and flower

    2022 08-08
  • What Are The Common Packaging Methods Of Exquisite Gift Boxes?

    When you receive a beautiful gift box from someone else, do you have a reluctant idea to open it? Usually, they will be placed on the table or even held in the hand to enjoy for a while before planning to disassemble it to see what is inside. And when we buy gift boxes to give to others, we will als

    2022 08-05
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