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The Significance of Customised Cosmetic Packaging Outer Box

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With the continuous upgrading of people's consumption concepts and the increase of personalised demand, the emergence of customised cosmetic packaging boxes has become a major trend in the development of the market. Custom cosmetic packaging boxes can give a unique brand image for cosmetic brands, enhance brand value and increase consumer loyalty.

This article elaborates on the design and creation of customised cosmetic packaging boxes from four aspects, including the importance of customisation, the principles of design, the choice of materials and the application of printing processes, hoping to provide readers with some practical experience and advice.

1 The importance of customisation

Nowadays, with the development of market economy, consumers' needs are becoming more and more personalised and diversified, and the cosmetic market is facing the same great challenge from consumers. Therefore, designers should customise the boxes to better meet the market demand according to the product characteristics and market demand.

Customised cosmetic packaging boxes can effectively enhance brand recognition and advertising effect, and win the favour of consumers. At the same time, customised cosmetic packaging boxes can also allow consumers to feel the sense of seniority and professionalism provided by the brand, thus enhancing the brand's sense of trust and recognition and stimulating consumers' willingness to buy.

In addition, in a rather competitive market, customised boxes can also give a unique competitive advantage to the brand and achieve marketing objectives.

double layer magnetic boxes

2 Principles of Design

Cosmetic packaging boxes should not only focus on aesthetics and creativity, but also meet the needs of consumers in terms of use, visual experience and other aspects. Therefore, designers need to master the following principles:

1. Highlight product characteristics

When designing the cosmetics packaging box, it should first start from the product itself, combine the product characteristics and brand culture with the packaging design, and convey the brand image through the item itself.

2. Meet consumer needs

Designers need to analyse consumer characteristics such as age, gender, region and occupation of the target consumers, and select elements such as themes, colours and shapes from them to attract and satisfy consumers' needs.

3. Simple and easy to understand

When designing a make-up box, the visual effect needs to be simple, clear and easy to understand. Because it is necessary to take into account commercial and artistic, for visual communication, too complex performance will miss the message transmission.

3 Material selection

The material of the cosmetics box is one of the most important aspects when designing a customised box. When choosing the material, the following aspects need to be considered:

1. Protectiveness

The material not only needs to bear the appearance of the packaging performance, but also needs to be able to better protect the product under the premise of maintaining aesthetics.

magnetic lid gift box

2. Aesthetics

As we all know, the beauty of the cosmetics packaging box will directly affect the consumer's willingness to buy, and directly affect the brand's impression. Therefore, the aesthetics of the material is one of the necessary conditions for choosing the right material for customised cosmetic boxes.

3. Environmental friendliness

In the modern society concerned about environmental protection, environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging boxes have become an important principle for customers to choose cosmetic packaging boxes.

In addition to the common variety of cardboard cardboard, but also be able to take into account the acrylic, PP, as well as iron boxes, wooden boxes and other material models.

4 Printing process application

The printing process of luxury cosmetic gift box packaging is mainly letterpress, lithographic printing, pad printing, flexographic printing, digital printing and so on. When choosing the printing process, you need to choose different printing methods according to different material characteristics and design requirements. The following are the characteristics of several typical printing processes:

1. letterpress

Printing effect is sharp, three-dimensional sense, suitable for printing smaller exquisite patterns, decorative patterns, etc..

2. flat printing

Printing effect is flat, suitable for printing layout larger or part of the colour plan. Commonly, there are watermarking plate, lithographic plate, offset printing plate.

3. digital printing

Suitable for small batch printing, breaking the traditional printing materials, cost limitations, can be in a limited period of time, tailored to the expression of the goods to create suitable and innovative packaging.

black magnetic folding box

Customised creative cosmetic packaging box is an important way for cosmetic brands to show their taste and culture. This article focuses on the importance of customisation, the principles of design, the choice of materials and the application of printing processes to elaborate the design and creation of customised cosmetic packaging boxes in four aspects, hoping to provide readers with useful experience and advice.

By reasonably selecting the material, printing process and design principles of the cosmetic packaging box, the customised cosmetic packaging box can be made into a tool with unique aesthetics, brand culture and differentiated competitive advantages, which can enhance the competitiveness of the product and the customer's trust in the brand, and help the brand's overall development.


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  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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