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  • Q If available to customize?

    A Yes, EECA Package are available for customization order.

    EECA PACKING can customize size, logo, color, finishing for you.
  • Q How can I track my sample box?

    A EECA PACKAGE sales will send you  tracking numbers, so you can track your sample box in express website.
    If you have question about express website, please send message to us, we will offer to you.

  • Q How many samples we can get?

    A Generally EECA Package will offer 1pc sample. 

    If you want more than two pcs samples, you can express your demand, and we will tell you how to satisfy your demand.
    More samples are available..

  • Q What should I do if I receive the goods and find that there is a large amount of damage?

    A It is our duty to pay full responsibility and ensure that the goods are delivered to you in good condition. It is recommended that before signing, first check the goods, find the damage, directly reject, we will investigate the responsibility of the logistics company, and also facilitate the timely replenishment to you.
    In the later period, we found the quality problem, with 15 days as the deadline, within 15 days, contact customer service to replenish the goods, and damage us unconditionally; over 15 days, the two sides negotiated to solve the problem.
  • Q What is the unit price?

    A The same product, different materials, processes, sizes, unit price will be different, accurate price consultation customer service quotation.
  • Q Is The Fulfillment Service Logo On The Boxes?

    A No. Our corrugated boxes are blank and do not contain any EFS branding. The shipping labels are addressed with our client's name.
  • Q What About The Shipping Way?


    Couriers, TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc
    Air transportation,Sea shipping. 

    You can choose the one you like!

  • Q How To Send Sample To Us?

    A By Couries DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS,EMS etc
  • Q Hong Long Is The Shipping Time?

    A If ship by express,alway is 3-5days.
    if ship by sea,it depend on the port,you could send us a inquiry,then we could tell you  shipping time.
  • Q How To Ship Them?

    A Couriers, TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc
    Air transportation,Sea shipping.You can choose the one you like.


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