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Why Do Brands Need To Customise Unique Packaging Boxes?

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Packaging design is one of the keys to bringing a product to market, and the ultimate value of its design covers a wide range of aspects such as product functionality, user experience, brand awareness and promotion.

This article discusses the ultimate value of packaging design and the four key factors of value realisation, hoping that readers can have a deeper understanding of packaging design.

1 Functional value

The primary task of packaging design is to protect the product from damage during storage, logistics and sales, and to ensure that the product can remain intact until it reaches the hands of the customer. Therefore, the primary value of packaging design is reflected in the functionality of the product.

Secondly, packaging design can also improve the use value of products through the choice of packaging materials and forms for different functional requirements. For example, the packaging design of fragile items needs to choose materials with certain pressure, shock and vibration resistance.

And the shape of the product will be taken into account in the design process of biodegradable kraft paper packaging box, not only to meet the protection function, but also to improve the interactive experience between the product and the consumer.

Finally, packaging design can also make products have additional value through special materials and packaging forms, such as the emotional value of gift boxes, portable and easy to disassemble travelling packaging.

custom jewelry boxes

jewelry box for women

2 User experience value

In addition to the functionality of the value, "good design" should also be through the in-depth study of user needs and user experience, to achieve the enhancement of user experience value. Therefore, packaging design needs to fully consider consumer psychology and consumption scenarios in order to achieve a better user experience.

This requires full attention to colour matching, fonts, layout, form and other aspects of packaging design, taking into account the consumer's perception of different levels for different age groups, genders, regions and so on, in order to create a higher quality of user experience.

For example, in food packaging design, through communication and interaction with consumers as well as understanding the taste and flavour of food and other aspects of the details, to design packaging with a higher degree of recognition, easy to open and use, to increase the market share and reputation of the product.

In addition, as consumers' demand for personalisation and customisation continues to escalate, packaging design should also take advantage of digital technology, new materials and new technologies and other means to continuously improve the user experience.

3 Brand cognitive value

Brand is one of the important factors in the purchase decision, and packaging design occupies a central position in brand recognition. Good packaging design can strengthen the brand image, increase brand recognition, reputation.

In order to improve the brand effect of packaging design, in the design stage, it is necessary to determine in advance the brand positioning, brand vision and its image expression, such as colour collocation splicing, picture design, font use and so on. At the same time, in the ever-changing market environment, packaging design should also have uniqueness and novelty to create the brand value of "hard currency".

In a competitive market, companies can win more brand awareness through creative gift box packaging design, establish brand image and promote overall sales growth.

jewelry packaging

4 Marketing Promotion Value

Good packaging design not only strengthens the brand effect, but also can be an important means of planning and promotion of corporate marketing. Through the innovation of packaging design, a more complete marketing system can be built.

It is not only a powerful promoter of sales, but also a carrier of information for promotion. Advertising, promotion and packaging are often closely linked, and the synergistic creation of the three makes the product sales and visibility can be improved, and increase consumer loyalty.

In specific marketing practice, the combination of careful planning and packaging design can not only increase the sales share of the product, but also increase the in-store conversion rate of consumers, thus increasing brand awareness and market share.


The ultimate value of packaging design includes functionality, user experience, brand awareness and marketing promotion. And in the process of realising these values, it is necessary to think and innovate from multiple dimensions to achieve all-round consideration. Only in this way can we achieve good packaging design and truly realise the "ultimate value" it seeks.


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