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The Key To Six Classic Cosmetics Packaging Box Type Design

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Good beauty packaging can add value to the product, infectious packaging design can attract the eyes of consumers, and then enhance the enterprise's product sales, for cosmetics, need to look more high-end, and more need to focus on packaging design work.

1 cosmetic packaging design should highlight the brand

Now many consumers in the purchase of cosmetics, are very brand-conscious. Especially for some famous brand is to spend a lot of money to buy, and this demand is also in the custom cosmetic packaging design needs to be taken into account when a number of well-known brands in the cosmetic sales, its added value to the enterprise to bring more profits, and can also help enterprises in the competition to obtain a greater advantage.

2 Cosmetic packaging design should consider the customer base

Cosmetics have different functions, for different consumer groups. So in the cosmetic packaging design, must be in line with the use of age level, so it can bring better attention and praise.

3 Cosmetic packaging design to highlight the advantages of the product

In the box must be marked above the use of products and functions, which will enable the consumer population to better understand the use of cosmetics, but also enables consumers to see the characteristics of cosmetics and functionality at a glance. At the time of choice can also see whether the function of the product is suitable for their skin.

lipstick set gift box

4 Cosmetic packaging design highlights the advantages of the product

In the skin care products box must be marked above the use of products and functions, so that the consumer population can make more understanding of the use of cosmetics, while also enabling consumers to see at a glance the characteristics of cosmetics and functional role. At the time of choice can also see whether the function of the product is suitable for their skin.

5 cosmetic packaging design should be accurate and objective description

Exaggerated packaging design and description will mislead consumers. When consumers buy the product after use, did not achieve the expected results, which will bring a very bad impact on the brand. Therefore, there must be a precise and objective description of the product, not contrary to the facts.

6 Six beautiful cosmetics box type

1. Heaven and earth cover

The cover of the carton is "heaven", the bottom is "earth", heaven and earth cover, also known as heaven and earth box, heaven and earth cover gift packaging box by the box cover and box body of two parts of the buckle and become, the gift box packaging does not contain items can also be folded into a piece.

When used to pull open the shape, and then the cover and body together, can contain items. Then the lid and body are put together and fastened, then the items can be loaded. It is widely used in all kinds of hardcover gift boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other types of boxes.

2.Book-type box

Packaging style like a book, creative skincare gift box packaging from one side to open. Shaped box consists of panel and bottom box, according to the size and function of the box customised to take the material, some book-shaped boxes need magnets, iron sheets and other materials, one of the box options for high-grade gifts.

premium lipstick box

3.Pull-out box

The box type is the classic pull-out structure, composed of box body and box, box body is also called outer box, divided into one side of the opening and both sides of the opening in two forms. This type of box is characterised by solid and firm, easy to use.

4.Double-door box type

It consists of left outer box and right outer box, with inner box on the inside and symmetrical left and right outer boxes.

5.Hand-carrying gift box

The bottom of the box is inserted to increase the loading capacity, the upper part of the handheld design, easy to disassemble, plus the corrugated paper, is the most commonly used box type, the most important feature is that it is easy to carry.

6.Straight flap box type

This box type is commonly used for wine products, intuitive atmosphere.


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