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How To Distinguish between 12 Kinds of Makeup Brushes And The Purpose of The Packaging Box?

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1 Cosmetic packaging design plays a role in attracting consumers

We all know that girls are very concerned about such items as cosmetics. And everyone has, love the heart of beauty, if people can get better external conditions through cosmetics, for them, it is a very worthwhile to pay for goods.

And we all know that today's society is a face society, people always for those beautiful things to put more attention, so it can also explain why more and more girls nowadays are beginning to use cosmetics.

Especially for young women, they choose cosmetics because cosmetics can let them in the shortest possible time from the inside to the outside have a bigger change, cosmetics has become an essential thing in their daily life, some girls will not even go out without cosmetics.

And we also know that in our real life there are a variety of different brands of different kinds of cosmetics, people in the face of this many cosmetic choices will often be overwhelmed.

Especially for those women who have just begun to contact with cosmetics, they will often go to make a choice based on the degree of packaging of cosmetics, because they all feel that creative and innovative make-up brush set gift box design is better after the better conditions for them to get better development. Therefore, it has played an important role in attracting consumers in the minds of many.

magnetic makeup brush box

2 Why Makeup Brushes?

Compared to hands, make-up brushes have a stronger and more even handling of details, which can also make the make-up more delicate Oh. The correct use of makeup brushes is an important step on the way to beauty beginners.

3 How to differentiate between the 12 types of brushes and how to use different brushes

1. Loose Powder Brush

Naturally softer than a powder puff

2. Blush Brush

Fits well on the apples

3.Blush Brush

For large area grooming

4. Foundation Brush

Easy to use for large areas

5. Highlighting Brush

Creates a glossy finish

6. Nose Shadow Brush

Sweep upwards on the nose and cheekbones at an angle

7. Smudge Brush

Used for eye socket priming or eyelid smudging.

8. Eye Shadow Brush

Deepen the eye triangle and the back 1/3 of the lower eyelid.

9. Concealer Brush

Apply on blemishes

10. Eyebrow Brush

Define brows

11. Eyeliner Brush

Use with eyeliner

12. Detail Brush

Used for local concealer or lip brush and other fine parts

4 How to choose make-up brushes for beginners?

1. Do not buy a whole set, start from a single buy, according to the needs of additional.

2. Brushes need to be cleaned diligently, from the artificial hair to start cost-effective.

3. Wooden brushes are easier to hold than metal brushes and are less likely to slip.

4. Brush hair is not the more fluffy the better, foundation brush needs to be tight, grooming brush needs to be fluffy.

Holographic makeup brush set packaging

In fact, high-quality holographic makeup brush box design also reflects a more obvious truth, that is, in our real life, there are more and more girls in the choice of goods will go to pay attention to the external packaging of goods.

Cosmetic packaging design in real life is also very important, because people in the choice, in fact, more will go to choose some of the external packaging is very beautiful cosmetics, because they feel that the quality of such cosmetics may be better.

Although there is no inevitable connection between the two, but people's ideas are often so much to wear imperceptible. If we can feel the important role of cosmetic packaging design, more and more cosmetic market sellers may be inclined to produce some of the more attractive packaging cosmetics.


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