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Handmade Gift Packaging Production Process In EECA

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Gift-giving is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. On festivals, gifts are given to each other. This can also be said to be a custom that represents people's hearts. However, as the saying goes, "gift is light and affectionate", which means that gift-giving does not need to be very precious or precious, as long as it is in your heart. Handmade gift boxes have also become the mainstream of today's society with this custom.

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In today's materialistic world, people are striving for their own goals, and they are busy with work every day, which also leads to every festival, they go to the mall to buy ready-made gifts, including gift boxes. . However, there will also be some people who are willing to take the time to make handmade gifts. In their opinion, buying precious gifts is too popular and cannot be compared with handmade gifts. In the face of similar gifts, people feel that they are buying the same gifts every time, and they feel that they are a little out of hand, which makes handmade gifts more and more sought after by people, and has become the mainstream of today's society.

If you want to send a sentimental handmade gift, you have to know how to make a handmade gift box. First of all, among the materials of paper, the most commonly used cardboards are white paper, yellow cardboard and so on. When packaging, it is best to use coated whiteboard for the most. When selecting materials, the shape of the packaging should be considered. When printing, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging is protective and convenient for the goods. After selecting the material and printing, the method of folding the carton should be considered. It can be divided into two types: simple type and special type. Folding is carried out according to its structure to make the structure of the packaging box more three-dimensional.

As people like to give handmade gifts, the process of making handmade gift boxes is worth learning. So what are the main processes of making handmade gift packaging boxes?

The first is to design the appearance of the packaging box. Design the pattern of the packaging box according to the requirements, culture, characteristics, etc. of the product.

Second, after designing the pattern, it is proofing, and the sample is made according to the designed pattern. Usually the outside of the box is composed of many colors, and a lot of effort is put into the color.

Third, choose hard cardboard, decorate it manually on the exterior, and stick it into a certain shape. The gift boxes are all made of printed wrapping paper, and the appearance of the gift box is painted with color, which requires a higher craftsmanship to avoid color ink spots, so that the entire appearance is affected by it.

Fifth, processing work on the surface, beer is the main link in printing, which determines the success or failure of printing. Usually, the beer is mounted first, but the gift box is just the opposite. The beer is mounted first, and the mounting of the gift box must be purely handmade, so that the gift box has a certain aesthetic effect.

Handmade gifts, the production method of handmade gift packaging boxes, the production process of handmade gift packaging boxes is a skill we should all learn. The knowledge you want to learn will definitely benefit you a lot.


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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