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What should be paid attention to in custom jewelry packaging design?

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There are countless jewelry brands in the world, and the jewelry they sell is of high value. Naturally, jewelry packaging should not be too sloppy. Customized jewelry packaging has become something that major jewelry brands do every year. Custom jewelry packaging needs to be designed in the early stage. Only when the appearance, size, etc. of the jewelry packaging are designed, can the production be carried out. And custom jewelry packaging design requires attention to multiple details, especially in terms of performance.

1. Practical performance

Jewelry packaging containers must have a practical value to protect jewelry. This is the basic starting point of packaging container design. Jewelry packaging containers must use appropriate materials and shapes to realize their protective functions, so as to prevent product damage caused by changes in natural conditions or human factors.


2. Beautiful performance

The customized jewelry packaging design should also consider its aesthetics. In modern society, people are not only satisfied with genuine and cheap products but also hope to get some beautiful enjoyment from the products and their packaging. A package with a beautiful shape and beautiful color can make people pleasing to the eye and feel comfortable, and it may become a display in people's homes. Therefore, it is necessary to beautify the packaging shape to realize the commodity and psychological functions of the packaging, thereby promoting the sales of goods. There are individual differences in aesthetic awareness and aesthetic experience. At the same time, aesthetic consciousness is also international, contemporary, national, and social, and forms a complex with individuality. Therefore, it is very important that the designer should try his best to make the packaging shape suitable for the beauty of the public and the beauty of the times. Designers must be very clear that each customer stays on the product for only 1/15 of a second when shopping. Customers will never stop if they do not catch the customer's sight and attract people with the most attractive beauty.

3. Economic performance

Obtaining the best effect with the lowest consumption is the criterion of all human activities, and packaging design is no exception, and this universal economic law should also be followed. Due to the huge demand for packaging containers, more attention should be paid to the organic combination of practicality, aesthetics, and economy when designing packaging shapes. If too much emphasis is placed on practicality and aesthetics, it may be so expensive that it is unacceptable. On the contrary, blindly emphasizing the economy may produce disgusting packaging containers. Both extreme practices will make the goods unsalable and cause economic losses. Economy, aesthetics, and practicality are also contradictory and unified. The correct approach should be to reduce packaging costs as much as possible without compromising the beauty of shape and packaging function.

4. Uniqueness

Packaging design, like other design work, is creative labor and cannot be imitated blindly. Emphasizing creativity does not require designers to create something completely different from the existing ones for all commodity packaging. The packaging design of some famous brand traditional commodities is similar in structure but has originality in artistic conception and packaging modeling. , and has been recognized by society, it can still be called a good design. The originality of packaging design is not only for the artistry of packaging, it should be noted that the originality can be reflected in many aspects such as practicality, economy, and aesthetics.

When customizing jewelry packaging design, only by comprehensively analyzing and summarizing and fully considering and reflecting the requirements of these conditions can an excellent and reasonable packaging shape be formed and achieved.


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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