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What are the materials of necklace boxes?

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I'm afraid it's difficult to say when humans first started wearing jewelry. The earliest human jewelry may most likely be dated back to the Stone Age. With the development of the entire jewelry industry over the last century, the development trend of the entire jewelry industry is also getting better and better, but the corresponding development of the jewelry packaging industry is slow, and the level of practitioners is also uneven. With the advancement of the jewelry sector, people are paying more attention to the beauty of this piece of packaging, in addition to the product itself, which is becoming increasingly important. From the necklace box, there are more and more various kinds of necklace jewelry packaging boxes on the market, to let you a more intuitive understanding of the current market necklace jewelry packaging boxes often use materials, and Xianda packaging will give you a more professional and systematic introduction from the following three aspects:

1. PU leather necklace box

PU leather necklace box is not completely made of PU leather, but to determine the embryo of the box body is after wrapping with it. Leather-like material is very popular in fashion and design circles because it looks very delicate and high-class, and it is also a very durable material. Leather is a very popular material for making necklace boxes because it is considered to give a more noble and atmospheric look to the necklace box. Because of its flexibility, it is an option for some of the more unusual necklace storage. For example, necklace rolls and pouches are made of leather to give them both the flexibility they need and the durability that customers want. In recent years, consumers have become increasingly interested in faux leather because leather is extremely environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


2. Paper necklace boxes

necklace boxes made of plain paper or special paperboard are usually stand-alone necklace boxes. They are mainly used for gift packaging, so they are not the best choice for necklace boxes. But with the rise of live domestic e-commerce necklaces, corresponding to the formation of a kind of fast fashion, such customers prefer this kind of material packaging necklace boxes, the cost performance is more acceptable to customers, most of these paper necklace boxes are equipped with a variety of soft fabric lining or cushion to protect the internal components. They are very lightweight and come in a wide range of colors and patterns, from simple to complex. With its super cost-effective and environmentally friendly advantages, it is increasingly accepted by the market.

jewelry box (3)

3. Velvet necklace box

Velvet necklace boxes, like velvet and shaggy velvet, are commonly used as materials for making necklace boxes. Whether it is all with velvet material or covered with velvet material necklace box, it should be more common for necklace practitioners. Velvet as velvet is one of the most commonly used fabrics, both to decorate the interior and to cover the exterior of a necklace box. Its soft look and feel give necklace boxes a very sophisticated appearance, and the reputation this fabric has gained in the marketplace gives it a very regal appeal. Authentic velvet is usually very costly to produce, and this, together with its unique softness, makes us associate it with nobility. It better reflects the value of the necklace itself and is more popular among middle and high-end customers.


In today's market, PU leather, paper, and velvet are all common materials used to manufacture jewelry packaging. With the advancement of society and technology, more environmentally friendly and technological materials will be employed in the manufacture of necklace boxes. EECA Packaging will delve deep into the necklace box business as a practitioner and operator, offering our customers a full range of expert necklace box customizing services.


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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