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What Material Is Better For The Jewelry Box?

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What material is good for the jewelry box?

1. Flocking high-end jewelry box

Flocking high-end jewelry boxes are liked by many people, and they are also commonly used jewelry boxes for people to store gold and silver jewelry.

The flocking box is mainly made of plastic, and the surface is flocked. The flocked high-end jewelry box looks very beautiful.

Bright and relatively high-end, it will not damage gold and silver jewelry, and it is lighter to pick up, but the flocked high-end jewelry box is lighter than the carton is relatively high-end, and generally there are many high-end flocking jewelry boxes for silver jewelry, gold jewelry, etc.Large or small flocked high-end jewelry boxes are popular.

2. Wooden high-end jewelry box

Wooden high-end jewelry box is also a jewelry box material that many people like. In fact, wooden high-end jewelry box is more special boxes, some high-end wooden jewelry boxes appearing in the market are also very cheap, but high-end wooden jewelry.

The quality of the jewelry box is also good. It is mainly made of mahogany, and the process of matt lacquer and high-gloss lacquer is generally used for high-end wooden jewelry boxes.

It is a relatively high-end jewelry packaging, so it is more appropriate to use a wooden high-end jewelry box to store gold and silver jewelry.

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