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What Kind of Cake Box Should I Use for My Cake?

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Choosing the cake box that best fits your homemade cake might be difficult at times because there are so many different styles available. It is important to make sure the cake box is large enough and sturdy enough to carry, store, and safeguard the cake you have baked. But don't worry, after reading this post, you will know exactly what kind of cake boxes to use for your homemade cakes.

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1. Cake Box Purchase Advice

To assist in safeguarding, transporting, and handling your cake properly, we advise utilizing a cake board and a cake box to enhance rigidity and strength.

Purchase a cake box that fits the cake board you're going to use—which ought to be bigger than the cake. Your board will be less likely to slip if it is the same size as your box.

You should measure the widest part of the cake board if your cake has a unique shape, like a heart.

Take into account your cake's height as well. For instance, tall or multitiered cakes call for tall or stacked cake boxes, or you may want to think about cake box extensions.

If you have to reposition a cake with multiple tiers.

For the ideal fit, you may also purchase cake board and cake box combo sets if you don't want to purchase your cake box individually.

Multipack boxes are an economical option if you bake a lot of cakes because they keep you well-stocked.

2. Typical Cake Containers

Ideal for: Regular cakes with one or two tiers

Regular celebration cakes that are no taller than six inches fit well inside these ordinary cake boxes. Most cakes with diameters ranging from 8 to 20 inches can fit into any of our basic boxes.

Standard boxes are available from us in an array of styles and patterns. While our windowed boxes are a terrific way to showcase your cake while keeping it safe and secure, the boxes with separate lids are ideal for a straightforward yet effective package.

While most cakes and bakes fit perfectly into this type for protection, storage, and transportation, larger or heavier cakes can benefit from our heavy-duty or stacked cake boxes, which are constructed from incredibly sturdy corrugated cardboard to support tall or hefty cakes. To learn more about these styles, continue reading.

3. Themed and Patterned Cake Boxes

Ideal for Matching a birthday party theme, presenting a unique gift, and bragging!

Consider presenting your cakes and delectable goodies in style with a party-themed, printed, or colored cake box if a plain white box isn't your thing. A clear acetate window on the front and top of the box allows you to display your adorned cakes and treats with this selection of 10" colorful cake boxes. When finishing, use a 10" cake board for a polished look.

They are made for all kinds of birthday parties or special occasion cakes and come in a range of colors, themes, and patterns, such as spots, stripes, sprinkles, hearts, football, dinosaurs, superheroes, and space, to mention a few. You can go all out with a party theme to wow your guests because many of them come with matching cake decorations! They work wonderfully for showing off and safeguarding a birthday cake until it's time to cut.

If you sell or give cakes as gifts, a decorated or themed box will showcase your cake and provide a polished appearance to go with the cake.

Click here for Cake Box with Handle Window.

4. Towering Cake Containers

Ideal for: Cakes with elaborate cake decorations, double barrel cakes, and tall cakes!

For taller cakes—up to 10 or 12 inches—these cake boxes are a well-liked and practical option. They are available in several sizes to fit 10, 12, and 14-inch cake boards, and they are simple white with a lid.

If you like to include decorations that are elevated above the cake, a tall cake box is perfect for you. You may feel secure about keeping and shipping your cake because this flat-packed, pre-folded box is simple to put together and will provide stiff and dependable protection.

Our heavy-duty or stacked cake boxes, which are constructed from tougher corrugated cardboard, can be something to take into consideration if you're baking a heavier cake, such as a fruit cake. After all your effort, you don't want an accident with a cake box! Continue reading to learn more about these fashions.

5. Sturdy Cake Enclosures

Best for: Dense cake varieties.

We have a selection of sturdy cake boxes constructed from sturdy corrugated cardboard that are ideal for securely delivering hefty celebration or wedding cakes. When a normal cake box is the proper size but not sturdy enough to hold your cake, these boxes are the ideal option. Heavy-duty boxes can hold any cake, especially heavier varieties like fruit or butter cakes, regardless of their weight.

For the best possible protection for cakes and baked goods, we use premium corrugated cardboard to make our boxes. Every box has a smooth white surface for a polished appearance and a drop-down front for simple access to the cake.

6. Cake Boxes Stacked

Ideal for: Tall cakes with multiple tiers.

Our sturdy and long-lasting stacked boxes are designed to completely enclose taller cakes in protection. The higher novelty celebration cakes that can reach up to 16 inches in height or multi-tiered wedding cakes are the most popular uses for them.

We provide interchangeable round and square base cards with all of our stacked boxes to ensure that the bottom tier stays firmly in place and isn't subject to shifting or breaking. They are all made of sturdy, high-quality corrugated cardboard that may be used again and again.

7. Boxes of cupcakes

Ideal for: Preserving, arranging, and distributing cupcakes

We have several options if you need boxes for smaller amounts of cupcakes. Boxes from our Baked with Love collection have a dual insert that holds six regular-sized cupcakes or twelve small cupcakes, so your cupcakes will always look great. This assortment of cupcake boxes comes with a see-through cover and a variety of styles, from vibrant colors to patterns. Additionally, you can select from normal 2-hole, 4-hole, and 6-hole cupcake boxes. Related product: Cake Paper Packaging Box.

We have single cupcake boxes, such as the Giant Cupcake Box, which can hold a 10-inch cake board and be used for a taller celebration cake, if you plan to serve your cupcakes one at a time.

Unlike regular cardboard cupcake boxes, cardboard cupcake bouquets give you an alternative way to present your cupcakes. There are also a variety of colors available for cupcake bouquets. They are a Mother's Day staple, constantly in demand!

We offer packaging that is perfect for displaying and carrying these smaller cupcakes. Mini cupcakes are usually a hit at parties and other events. We have 9-hole, 12-hole, and 24-hole miniature cupcake boxes.

If you're having a bake sale or coffee morning, cupcake display boxes are a creative idea. In addition to functioning as a typical cupcake box, they feature a unique fold-out cover that makes them the perfect "eat me!" attraction! Wonderful anywhere you wish to display your baked goods, such as on a countertop. Treats in one of these display boxes will go down a treat, with variants available for both seasonal and everyday use.

12-hole and 24-hole variants are offered for presenting and carrying greater numbers of standard-sized cupcakes. Made of corrugated cardboard, this heavy-duty 24-hole cupcake box is perfect for presenting and carrying your cupcakes to any kind of gathering.


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