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What Is The Role of Box Liner Design?

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The importance of packaging liner design should not be ignored, it can not only enhance the added value of the goods, but also can effectively protect the goods, and play an important role in the logistics and transport process.

This article elaborates on the role and significance of packaging liner design from four aspects: functionality, aesthetics, environmental protection and operability.

1 The function of protecting goods

Packaging liner design is one of the important means of protecting goods. In the process of logistics and transport, commodities are transported, loaded and unloaded and stacked many times, and are very susceptible to shock, friction and extrusion and other forces, which leads to damage to the commodities themselves or the packaging, and brings economic losses and bad experiences to both businessmen and consumers.

As the internal protective layer of commodity packaging, packaging liner can be designed according to different characteristics of commodities and transport conditions, so that the commodities in the logistics and transport process from the interference of external forces and factors, to improve the safety and integrity of commodities.

In addition, high-quality affordable packaging cart on liner design can also be padded to level the gap inside the commodity, avoiding the movement and sliding of the commodity inside the package, reducing the friction and collision, effectively reducing the leakage rate of the commodity and the rate of cargo damage.

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2 Enhance the aesthetics of goods

In the sales process of commodities, packaging liner design also plays an important role. For example, in the packaging liner of high-end cosmetics, through the use of colour matching, styling design, texture performance and other means to create a unique packaging liner, can effectively highlight the brand image and product personality, to attract the eyes of consumers, and to enhance the aesthetic value of the commodity and added value.

In addition, in the era of personalised consumption, the personalisation of packaging liners has also become a new pursuit for consumers. Customised packaging liner can not only meet the consumer's personalised taste and use needs, but also can greatly enhance brand loyalty and reputation.

3 Promote environmental awareness

With the increasing attention to the ecological environment, resource utilisation and sustainable development, environmental protection has become one of the important issues in the packaging manufacturing industry.

Packaging liner design should also start from the perspective of environmental protection, through scientific and technological innovation, material utilisation, recycling and reuse, etc., to reduce pollution of the environment, reduce packaging costs and improve sustainability. For example, the application of biodegradable materials, recycling and use of paper materials, intelligent packaging design, etc., can reduce the damage to the environment and achieve the sustainability of packaging manufacturing.

4 Improvement of operational convenience

In the use of commodity packaging, the ease of operation of the packaging liner is also an important factor to consider. High-end exquisite gift box packaging liner needs to have the characteristics of simple and easy to understand, safe and reliable, and improve efficiency.

For example, in the packaging liner design of electronic products, the modular design can effectively improve the removal and installation process of the packaging liner, which facilitates the consumer's experience. In the design of packaging liners for pharmaceutical products, safe and aseptic design can ensure the freshness of raw materials and the effect of use.

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The importance of packaging liner design should not be ignored, it can protect the goods, and plays an important role in four aspects: functionality, aesthetics, environmental protection and operability.

In the future, under the trend of rapid socio-economic development and consumer upgrading, packaging liner design will continue to be innovated and upgraded to meet the consumers' continuous pursuit of quality, value and environmental protection.


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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