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What Is The Difference Between Digital Proofing And Computer Proofing Of Color Boxes

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After the design of the color box is completed, each customer will generally carry out proofing first to determine whether the design meets the customer's requirements. There are two kinds of color box proofing: digital proofing and upper press proofing. Today, let's introduce the difference between them.

Digital proofing of color box: through CDR file, the content of the file is directly printed out through the digital printer. (The color is too bright. Generally, when the paper bag is actually produced, there will be a big difference in color.)


Printing and proofing of color box: make a printed version with the color CMYK through CDR file, and color mixing through four-color printing machine. (Proofing takes a long time, usually 3-5 days)

The color proportion of the digital printer is 8 colors, while the bulk of color boxes are printed by a four color printer. The color of the printing press is prepared by 4-color ink, so the color difference between the digital printer and the actual 4-color printing press is large.

For the color boxes printed at the full bottom, the proofing effect of the digital printer is more beautiful. In actual production, the color is inaccurate, and there is a large deviation from the color when proofing. The color draft of the digital proofing is inaccurate when it is printed with the printing machine. Generally, the color boxes of the digital proofing are used to confirm the printing content.

The cost of digital proofing of color boxes will be more economical than that of computer proofing. The computer proofing of color boxes is almost the same as that of large products, but the number is small. So why does the printing machine have a startup fee. Color box digital proofing and computer proofing can be done in EECA Printing Factory. If you are satisfied with the proofing, you can produce large goods. If you produce large goods, you can come to the factory to see the color for confirmation.


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  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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