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What Are The Common Packaging Methods Of Exquisite Gift Boxes?

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When you receive a beautiful gift box from someone else, do you have a reluctant idea to open it? Usually, they will be placed on the table or even held in the hand to enjoy for a while before planning to disassemble it to see what is inside. And when we buy gift boxes to give to others, we will also look at the packaging of the gift boxes to see if they are beautiful. Beautiful and elegant gift box packaging can highlight our intentions, and can also make the gift look more upscale. But friends, do you know what are the common gift box packaging methods?

Present gift box styles can generally be divided into the following categories, simple and generous, small and cute, and exquisite. The common packaging methods of exquisite gift boxes include unfolding packaging, hanging packaging and stacking packaging.

Expandable packaging is the most common one, and the style is also the most simple and generous. It is generally used for the packaging of small gifts and technological electronic products. It is characterized by a flat appearance and is generally packaged in hard paper. All sides of the gift box are relatively smooth, and there are no extra creases and decorations. After opening the package, the gift will be presented directly in front of you and can be taken out directly. Because this packaging method is too brief on the outside, it is generally used in conjunction with linings such as boxes.

Hanging packaging is also a common packaging method for exquisite gift boxes. The so-called hanging packaging, as the name suggests, is a packaging method that is convenient for hanging gift boxes for display. The main body of this packaging method is generally a gift basket, which contains display-type gifts. Then spread a layer of gypsophila transparent wrapping paper on the outside, which is especially beautiful when hung. However, when we design the structure of the gift box, we must consider its sturdiness and beauty.

Last but not least is the stackable packaging. Stacked packaging is also widely used in exquisite gift boxes, and is often found in the final assembly of small packages. For example, if you are buying a bunch of candies or small products, you can use stackable packaging when you want to organize them into a bundle. This kind of package generally also comes with a structure that is convenient to carry, such as a handle.

The above is a summary of the packaging methods of exquisite gift boxes. The common exquisite gift box packaging methods are generally the above three. Of course, in addition to the packaging method, the decoration of the gift box can also add color to the gift box. For example, a ribbon can be tied on the gift box, and the ribbon can also be made into small flowers or other shapes. Some high-end gift boxes even use more advanced materials to embellish or print the whole gift box.


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