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The Use Of Plastic Thermoforming Molds In The Production Process Of Folding Gift Boxes

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With the progress of the times, the use of commodity packaging boxes purchased by consumers has gradually changed from the traditional simple packaging form using twist paper to the use of various packaging boxes and wrapping papers with excellent performance and hard texture. 

With the continuous innovation and improvement of the technology tree, the folding gift boxes we usually use also have differences in types such as heaven and earth covers and folding types. 

Among them, in the use of folding gift boxes, in addition to low-cost items suitable for daily use, some high-end and expensive luxury goods can also use such folding gift boxes.

As for the production materials of such folding packaging gift boxes, the traditional paper materials are also replaced by the plastic materials that are used efficiently today. 

Therefore, the use of plastic thermoforming molds for plastic folding packaging gift boxes requires the staff to pay more attention. 

In fact, in the use of plastic thermoforming processing molds, the most important work content that should be paid attention to by staff is the quality and use of processing molds in the thermoforming of plastic folding gift boxes.


It should be known that the quality of the processing mold plays a very critical production factor for the overall quality, performance, production efficiency and production cost of the folding gift box. 

Therefore, in the process of using the plastic thermoforming processing mold, the staff need to design the processing mold and carry out the design work of reasonable size and specification. Of course, in the production process of plastic folding gift boxes, the rapid development of plastic thermoforming in the production process is closely related to the simple advantages of processing molds, as well as the fast and low-cost production process of mold production speed. Relationship.

In addition, the simplicity of the folding gift box production process has a crucial relationship with the low-pressure molding pressure of the processing mold. 

It is precisely because of this that in the overall production process of plastic folding gift boxes, the use of plastic thermoforming molds, as well as the related technologies of mold material selection, design and production process, have been greatly simplified. Effectively improve the production efficiency, production cost and production quality of staff when making folding gift boxes.

Of course, in the process of using plastic thermoforming processing molds, the production materials of processing molds are in addition to gypsum, hardwood and other materials from our manufacturers. Processing molds made of special plastics such as aluminum and steel can also produce high-performance plastic folding gift boxes.


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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