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The Magic Of Sales In Beautiful Gift Boxes

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Reciprocity is a traditional Chinese way of treating people. Therefore, "gift" has a certain status in my country, and there are also special gift sales areas in shopping malls. In the dazzling gifts, how to stand out and how to attract consumers' desire to buy are the key issues that every business operator is pondering. Below, EECA gift box experts put forward some key suggestions on how to improve customers' favorability of products with exquisite gift boxes.

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In fact, for consumers, the practicality of gifts is not only the gift itself, but a well-designed gift box can also improve their favorability of the product. For example, the packaging size of the product gift box and the portability of the gift box all affect the difficulty of product sales. Therefore, designers should not only pay attention to its stylish appearance and rich colors in the design of gift boxes, but also design exquisite gift boxes that can best reflect the characteristics of the product in combination with the product's own functions.


Consumers' favorable impression of the product also comes from the color of the gift box. An exquisite gift box requires the designer to carefully consider the favorite needs of consumers. 

Although consumers' consumption needs are diverse, there are commonalities after all. For example, white, red, and pink are called "feminine colors" in the market. This is because these colors are favored by female consumers, and a beautiful gift box in this color will stimulate consumer demand among women, thereby increasing sales. 

Most men like dark colors such as brown and black, so dark packaging such as black and brown will arouse men's desire to buy and stimulate consumption. The difference in the color appearance of the gift box affects not only the consumption difference between men and women, but also the consumption of the product in various countries. 

The United States likes yellow packaging boxes, and the exquisite yellow gift boxes will arouse Americans' desire to buy, and can also have good sales performance in the United States, such as Kodak film, which is popular all over the world. 

The Japanese do not like products with yellow packaging, and products with yellow packaging have been selling poorly in Japan. 

Another example is China, which likes products with red packaging, and red is the color preferred by the Chinese. For example, classic Chinese brands such as Wanglaoji, Moutai, Wuliangye, etc., all have red outer packaging, which can win the favor of Chinese consumers, and their sales performance in China is also worthy of recognition.

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The above two points are the most important aspects of the exquisite gift box packaging in the opinion of Dongguan EECA gift box experts. The exquisite gift box can not only attract the attention of consumers, but more importantly, it can drive the development of the enterprise and stabilize its foothold in the market. The sales development of the product is crucial.


  Sally Yuan
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