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The Importance of Sustainable Chocolate Packaging Box Ideas

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Consumers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact of their choices and are actively seeking products that match their values. This increased awareness is putting significant pressure on chocolate, confectionery and snacking companies and brands to offer sustainable chocolate packaging options, reflecting a growing desire for green practices.

Packaging is often the first thing consumers see when they encounter a new chocolate product, and packaging significantly influences consumers' perception of chocolate products, so they are keen to find innovative ways to minimise the environmental impact of chocolate packaging.

chocolate box (4)

1 As consumers become more aware of the importance of sustainable packaging, companies must follow packaging trends and move towards environmentally friendly packaging options

The packaging of any product is its first point of contact with potential buyers.

As a marketing tool, packaging speaks volumes about the quality of the product and the brand selling it. For companies with brands in the confectionery and snacking sector, packaging types and materials play a crucial role in the new product development (NPD) or product stewardship process.

Join us as we explore the key role that sustainable chocolate packaging plays in creating a positive impression, communicating quality and paving the way for a greener future.

As consumers become more aware of the importance of sustainable packaging, companies must follow packaging trends and move towards environmentally friendly packaging options.

In this blog post we will explore various packaging options, focusing on sustainable alternatives such as compostable packaging.

Consumers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact of their choices and are actively seeking products that fit their values. This increased awareness is putting significant pressure on chocolate, confectionery and snacking companies and brands to offer sustainable packaging options, reflecting a growing desire for greener practices.

As a result, packaging significantly influences consumers' perception of chocolate products. Well-designed packaging demonstrates quality, authenticity and a brand's commitment to its values.

The rise of conscious consumption has led to an increase in demand for eco friendly chocolate packaging box in the industry, which is expected to reach a value of $533 billion by 2033 (Future Market Insights 2023). The forecast highlights how consumer preferences and industry practices are converging towards a more sustainable future.In response to the growing trend of environmental awareness and to truly understand the role of packaging in the chocolate industry, we continue to innovate and design biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging for chocolate gift boxes.

2 Customised sustainable packaging for your premium chocolate brand

Why choose standard packaging when your premium artisan chocolate bars are simply not standard? Offer high-end packaging that is tailored to the specific size of your bar or tablet. When striving to create a unique luxury chocolate experience, your packaging should be the finishing touch. We'll help you elevate your brand by examining all elements of the artisan chocolate packaging experience.

1. On-shelf appeal

Exceptional chocolate packaging design is more important than ever. Our innovation team will work with you to devise new forms of packaging to help you stand out on the shelf and achieve your sales goals. We'll help you balance functionality, branding, sustainability and packaging.

2. Sustainability benefits

chocolate box (5)

Meeting your sustainability goals is our top priority, which is why we offer a wide range of eco-friendly solutions. All of our paper selections are biodegradable and curbside recyclable, and we offer a range of recycled materials and cellophane as alternatives to plastic, film and foil.

3. Customised printing

The use of a variety of custom printing features, including the use of proprietary inks, ensures no smearing and allows us to print clear, sharp and detailed 4-colour artwork.Our inline spectrophotometers ensure that print colours remain consistent throughout the print run and on all future orders.Our full colour printing, special printing effects and coatings provide a visual impact that makes your garments stand out and contribute to the overall customer experience.

4. Customised paper options

Our paper options are endless.Our team will work with you to determine the right type, weight and texture for your product and brand. Here are some of the options we can explore.

a.Types of paper material.Plain copper, double copper, duplex, duplex grey, matt, etc. Create a unique tactile experience with textured papers such as linen or kraft.

b.Paper weight

A wide range of paper weights to choose from, from thin substrates to thick card, your options are endless.


It has a smooth, glossy feel like waxed paper, but is uncoated, so it is 100% recyclable and completely biodegradable.

5.Handcrafted experience

The brown kraft paper look creates a handcrafted, eco-friendly experience that helps differentiate your brand.Biodegradable and eco-friendly chocolate packaging protects the ecosystem and is in line with the new phase of sustainable development.

6. Our creative team at your fingertips

Our team will help you create a multi-sensory experience through unique chocolate packaging designs with stamping, embossing, windows, perforations or special paper finishes and textures. Our full-colour printing, as well as special printing effects and coatings, have a great visual impact, making your chocolate packaging stand out and contribute to the overall customer experience.

7. Reduce your environmental footprint

Consumers encourage brands to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging. Throughout the design process, our team will guide you on how to incorporate the sustainable attributes that are important to you and your customers. From material selection to how you communicate the green attributes of your packaging, we ensure that your packaging leaves the smallest possible footprint.

8. Recyclable

Paper packaging is 100% curbside recyclable and made from renewable materials.

9. Biodegradable

Grasin contains no paint or dyes and is 100% naturally biodegradable.

10. Recycled Paper

We offer a variety of recycled paper options depending on the packaging needs of your product.

3 Eco-friendly recyclable chocolate boxes

1.Recycled flexible plastic packaging for chocolate?

In the past, flexible plastic packaging was considered a disposable material. However, the development of advanced recycling technologies makes it possible to convert soft plastic back into flexible plastic packaging. With 30% less virgin plastic material, this robust and reliable packaging ensures that the chocolate reaches the chocolate lover as it left the factory: fresh, safe and of the highest quality. Thanks to advanced recycling techniques, we can now give new life to soft plastics, supporting the circular economy of plastic packaging waste.

2.Recyclable degradable chocolate boxes?

By using 30% recycled materials, we have taken another important step to support the circular economy of packaging and address the global waste challenge. This is a significant investment in recycled materials for our business, made possible by new advanced recycling technologies. We are committed to using more recycled plastics in our packaging in the coming years as access to and availability of advanced recycling technologies increases.

3.Will the new chocolate packaging change the taste and quality of chocolate?

chocolate box (9)

Not at all. We have always strived to produce the best quality chocolate gift boxes.We never compromise on taste.Our team looks for new packaging materials and tests them to check the quality of our products and food safety.Our goal is to use eco friendly chocolate gift packaging that protects the chocolate, satisfies the consumer and does not harm the environment. We recognise that packaging waste is a major challenge for our planet. Achieve net zero packaging waste and support a circular packaging economy through better packaging and improved systems.Ensure our packaging can be recycled again and again in the future to support the circular economy.

4 Environmentally friendly packaging solutions for chocolate

1.Closures and seals

The right closures and seals for your products are essential.Our innovation team will work with you to recommend the right options for your brand and product. We take into account your product specifications, opening experience and any security or safety needs.We also ensure that the pack structure is ideal for a smooth and efficient filling process and can withstand the harsh conditions of transport.


We offer various types of adhesives for garment packaging: peel-off, resealable and heat-activatable.

3. Easy-open notches

Easy-open notches offer your customers another easy-open option and are perfect for smaller packages.

4. Tamper-proof

When security is paramount, tamper evident closures provide an extra layer of protection so your customers know if product integrity has been compromised.5. In-house packaging and filling services

Your one-stop shop for packaged productsWe want to make your packaging experience as simple as possible.

5. In-house packaging and filling servicesYour one-stop shop for packaged products

We want to make your packaging experience as simple as possible.From bagging to kitting, from automation to hand-packing, our comprehensive in-house packaging services allow you to manage multiple jobs with a single partner.This process minimises communication errors and reduces transit time, helping you deliver quality products to your customers faster. Speak to one of our experts to find out more about how we can help you optimise your packaging processes.

5 The right protective packaging for chocolates

To ensure that your chocolate stays fresh and tasty, it is important to choose the right packaging. To keep your chocolates in the best condition, the chocolate packaging must meet several requirements: optimal oxygen barrier, correct moisture protection, accurate heat sealing at low temperatures and good air tightness. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the different paper boxes for food chocolate packaging can help you make an informed decision and keep your chocolates in the best condition.

1. Optimal oxygen barrier

Excessive contact with oxygen can cause chocolate to oxidise, resulting in an unpleasant taste. Milk chocolate and white chocolate are more prone to oxidation due to their high dairy and low cocoa content.

2. Proper resistance to humidity

In a humid environment, the sugar in chocolate dissolves, causing white particles to form on the surface of the chocolate. This is known as "chocolate bloom". Proper packaging with a high moisture barrier helps to prevent this.

3. Accurate heat sealing at low temperature

Chocolate melts easily at high temperatures. High temperature heat sealing can cause chocolate close to the seal to melt, affecting the cleanliness of the pack.

4.Good airtightness

Good airtightness is a basic requirement for all food packaging.Poorly sealed packaging allows air and moisture to enter, which can affect the quality and taste of the chocolate in the long term.It also prevents the entry of unwanted guests, such as cocoa moths, which do not distinguish between cocoa and chocolate.

6 The future of customisation sustainable chocolate packaging boxes

chocolate box (1)

Our company is committed to promoting the sustainable development of the chocolate packaging industry, specialising in turnkey chocolate production and providing the perfect cardboard chocolate boxes packaging for a green future.

Although the chocolate industry is responsible for approximately 2.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, Soontec has taken a number of measures to minimise its impact on the environment.

We use mono-material plastics in our sustainable chocolate packaging, reduce the use of plastics, use compostable materials and minimise the use of inks to increase the likelihood of recycling." When single-material plastics cannot be used, we minimise the amount of plastic used in our robust chocolate truffle packaging to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging disposal process."

Eco-friendly chocolate box packaging has evolved from a simple protective cover to become an important tool for chocolate brands to make a lasting impact on consumers. The chocolate industry must embrace eco-friendly packaging in pursuit of a sweeter and more sustainable future.

The future looks bright for eco-friendly biodegradable gift box solutions for chocolate truffle packaging that maintain product quality. Find sustainable chocolate confectionery packaging solutions that minimise environmental impact while maintaining high quality.


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