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How to Create Cost Effective Premium Packaging

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Due to the growing demand for luxury goods and the increasing competition for niche markets, it’s a no-brainer that opting for a premium box is the right direction.

According to Dot Com Distrbution, 61% of consumers say they are much more likely to repeat a purchase of a luxury product if it came in premium packaging.

Premium packaging can benefit your presentation and promotional needs in any industry by enhancing and adding value to both your products and brand.

Many businesses prefer the option of a premium box.

However, when the cost comes into the equation, it can be very disheartening – especially for smaller to medium-sized businesses.

Luckily, there are ways you can create affordable premium packaging without necessarily using premium material.

It will not only cost less, but it will surely compete at the same level as your larger competitors.

Let’s jump right in and explore some options!

drawer box (8)

Project Preparation

Clear Specifications

To start, make sure to establish your product and estimated box measurements, projected quantity of packaging, and project objectives.

This is the information most commonly required to provide you with a quotation for your custom packaging.

The clearer your information, the quicker you’ll receive a quote!

Types of Styles

Now that the nitty gritty of your packaging considerations are out of the way, the fun part can commence.

Choosing the right box structure for luxury packaging is very important in communicating a high end feel for your products and brand.

Source: PakFactory

If you do have the budget to opt for rigid packaging, there are a variety of structural styles you can choose from. These include;

Magnetic/Hinged – This style offers a simple and effective unboxing experience. Made from substantial greyboard material, the sound and feel of a magnetic hinged lid closure elicit an impression of luxury.

Two Piece – The “iPhone Box Effect” or classic gift-opening experience. A premium two-piece box is held together by friction, adding to the anticipatory excitement while unboxing.

Drawer Style – The drawer style box is another effective way to create unboxing suspense. This box slides out to present products and is popular for its strength and appealing look, which means it will stand out on shelves.

Custom Shapes – Custom structures give you the edge of creating a packaging that sets you apart from your competitors. The unique shape also helps convey your branding much more directly.

Collapsible – A collapsible box can have the same elements of a magnetic box, but this box can be folded into a flat structure. Collapsible structures help keep costs low while still maintaining a luxurious unboxing experience.

Focusing on Artwork Design

Depending on the printing capabilities and the manufacturer that you choose to produce your boxes with, you can get away with creating a lavish artwork without paying extra fees.

If you’re looking to make your packaging look more luxurious, this is where you want to focus your efforts on.

It doesn’t matter what color you use (unless using PMS Colors) or the style of the artwork, your budget will remain relatively the same.

Minimalism is also an option you may want to consider.

Many luxury brands choose this route to create sophistication & class for their brand while adding value to their products.

Include texture – The feel of a box can be just as important as its visuals.

By including an embossed/debossed feature or another tactile element, you further engage the senses and create for an unforgettable experience.

Crisp folds and functionality – Poor box structure and ergonomics can kill anticipation.

No one wants to get a papercut while unboxing or struggle with a box that’s difficult to open.

Make the structure pain-free and simple.

Aural experience – This may not be obvious, but sound by itself is another important element.

Whether it’s a hinge, lid, or fold, every part of a luxury box can be tuned to  elicit the perfect unboxing sound.

Remember, adding an element like a magnetic closure won’t break the bank!

Personalize it – Anybody can provide a box, but it’s the great ones that offer a truly unique unboxing experience.

Add a personalized handwritten thank you message and special promotional card for specific customers.

These elements provide an extra boost to the unboxing experience an encourages customers to repurchase from your brand.

By including these low-cost components in your box design, you will impress customers and create opportunities for developing a loyal customer base.

Special Finishing

Adding special finishing provides an eye-catching, impactful look to any box and assists in brand differentiation.

There are three primary options:

Spot UV – This finishing process increases the perceived quality of packaging by sealing in color, producing an appealing sheen, and protecting the surface. This all adds up to a fine look of luxury.

Embossing/Debossing – Embossing is a popular technique that adds a raised imprint of a design or text, adding visual appeal and complexity. Debossing, on the other hand, creates a depressed imprint on the box packaging.

Foil Stamping – This printing process applies a thin coat of color or metallic foil to the surface of box packaging. Gold and silver are typically used for a luxurious effect. 

Foil stamping is best applied on smooth surfaces.

Adding special embellishments like these are surprisingly not as costly as you think with large quantity orders and adds a touch of personality and luxury to your packaging design.

At the end of the day, all these elements should drive a singular purpose — to provide a luxurious unboxing experience that will be treasured.

This doesn’t have to mean you have to user premium materials for premium products!

Either way, your opportunity to create luxury packaging at an affordable rate starts here.


  Sally Yuan
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