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How To Design Creative Packaging To Attract Customers' Eyes?

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1 Clever use of brand logo

Brand logo is the core element of a brand, but also an indispensable part of brand packaging design. Creative packaging design, the clever use of the brand logo can let consumers form a strong impression of the product, enhance brand awareness.

Firstly, the size and position of the brand logo need to be just right. If the brand logo is too large, it will occupy too much packaging area and affect the presentation of other parts of the product design; if the brand logo is too small, it will be difficult to highlight the brand image.

In addition, the location of the brand logo also needs to pay attention to, cleverly embedded in the packaging design of the brand logo, can increase brand exposure, so that the whole packaging design is more attractive.

Secondly, the form of the brand logo also needs to highlight the brand characteristics. For some widely known brand logo, through clever design techniques can make it differentiated from other brands, improve brand recognition.

2 Exquisite design of colour matching

Colour is one of the elements that can best reflect the characteristics of the product in the packaging design, and the exquisite colour matching can make the noble and elegant packaging cart on more attractive to the eyes.In the exquisite colour matching, the first thing to consider is the tone of the colour.

handheld cardboard suitcase with sponge inner

Commonly used tones in packaging design include cold tones and warm tones, different tones will bring different feelings, choose the right tone can better show the product characteristics. In addition, in the colour matching, it is also necessary to pay attention to the complementary and matching of colours to make the whole packaging design more harmonious and beautiful.

Finally, whether to add patterns and detail design is also an important factor affecting colour matching. Appropriately adding patterns or detail design can not only improve the sense of quality of the packaging, but also make it easier for consumers to remember and accept the product.

3 Packaging design with strong sense of form

Strong shape design is one of the indispensable parts of creative packaging design. It allows consumers to recognise the product at a glance and enhance the brand impression.In packaging design, the first thing to consider is the form of packaging design. There are round, square, triangular and other forms of packaging design, each of which has its own specific packaging elements and uses.

Secondly, what needs to be considered in the styling design is the material and process, through the appropriate choice of material and process, it can enhance the sense of quality and form of the product. Finally, the styling design of the packaging also needs to be unified with the brand and closely integrated.

4 Eye-catching design details

In addition to the above three aspects, eye-catching design details are one of the key points in creative gift box packaging design. A product's distinctive design details can give consumers a strong impression of the product and increase the desire to buy.

There are many elements that can be considered in the design details, such as special opening method, personalised closure design, detailed carving, small but exquisite shape and so on. In addition, in the design details, you can also consider the design of elements related to the content of the packaging, such as patterns and colours related to the raw materials of the product, and design elements related to the name of the product.

Handheld baby suitcase with sponge


Creative packaging design is a marketing tool that can attract consumers' attention and increase the competitiveness of products. The clever use of brand logos, the exquisite design of colour matching, the strong sense of form package shape design and eye-catching design details are the core points in creative packaging design.

In practice, creative packaging design needs to be closely integrated with the characteristics of the product itself and the brand image, so that the packaging and the brand to form a consistent style and enhance the brand value.


  Sally Yuan
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