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How To Design Attractive Candle Gift Packaging Boxes?

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Retail, shipping, and displaying candles in the USA are all made easier thanks to the variety of candle packaging available. Throughout American culture, candles are popular for adding beauty and warmth to homes, offices, and surroundings. Thus, candles in the country remain versatile, with new options making their way onto the market regularly. Take a look at some noteworthy trends in candle gift packaging boxes.

Custom Rigid Boxes For Candles

In cultured environments and ambiances, intricate handmade candles with mesmerizing aromas always get revered. The reason for this is that they are still considered thoughtful and expensive gifts. Various auspicious occasions are celebrated by Americans by exchanging candles. The cardboard packaging companies of modern times are equipped with the right tools to match the elegance of these sophisticated candles.

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Business entities working in this field have a variety of options at their disposal. When it comes to premium candle boxes, the most enticing packaging choice that can elevate the product and its respective brand is the custom rigid box. Customers and recipients will not be able to ignore these boxes due to their functional and attractive features. In rigid luxury boxes, there are several options that offer a memorable unboxing experience to the recipients, so niche customers are not afraid to spend more.

Custom Candle Neck Boxes

There are three pieces to these boxes, also known as three-piece boxes or telescopic boxes. In order to create a neck, the tray is placed near the upper edge of the base. According to client preference or product requirement, the top can fully or partially cover the neck. The majority of glass jars with scented candles are packaged in these boxes, which are lined with fabrics like suede or velvet. Labels with strings are sometimes added to these boxes by candle companies. The addition of a simple ribbon in a thematic color elevates packaging to a whole new level. Niche customers can find this kind of packaging on candles in brick-and-mortar shops online.

Custom Drawer Boxes For Candles With Inserts

Presentation is not the only aspect of packaging. Protection and ensuring that the product reaches its final destination in mint condition are the core purposes of packaging. The business entities can only reap financial gains from the transaction after that. A variety of tools are used by packaging companies to secure and protect candles during display, shipping, storage, and transport.


According to the packaging needs of their clients, packaging companies must recommend the appropriate material type. Candles are protected by the material so that they do not melt, freeze, get dirty, or get wet during the various stages of sale. There must be a good fit between the candle packaging boxes and the candles. It is not a good idea for them to be too large so that the product keeps rattling inside, nor should they be too small so that they burst. Furthermore, the layouts must include a locking mechanism through flaps or tabs.

Event-Based Custom Candle Packaging

Candles are a popular gift for many auspicious occasions in the United States. Events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries fall under this category. In response, packaging companies have introduced a variety of custom candle gift packaging boxes to suit the unique needs of their clients. A variety of impressive packaging options make packaging memorable for recipients, including:

An envelope with a personal note is adhered to the inside flap of the box. In this envelope, you can include a discount code, seasonal greeting, etc, for your recipients.

For multiple item packaging, a candle jar luxury packaging box with room for flowers or other objects. The packaging in this type uses fences, partitions, engineered trays, and internal boxes to keep everything contained and protected.

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Candle favor boxes filled with small, fragrant votives will leave a lasting impression on your guests. A supreme printing technique is used to print congratulatory messages on the boxes based on a specific event. This candle gift packaging box is given an absolution makeover by the extravagant printing features.

Lid-Off Candle Boxes

Custom cardboard packaging with lids off is often called lid-off packaging in the retail and packaging industries. As the base and top of these boxes can be removed easily, these boxes are referred to as two-piece boxes. Except for the rigid material, all other materials in cardboard allow the tray and top to fold flat. As a result, these boxes are space-efficient and shipping-friendly. However, if they are adorned with finished accessories such as buttons, adhesive pearls, bows, or laces, they might need to be assembled prior to shipping.

Candles are usually packaged in lid-off candle packaging boxes. Logos and symbols are printed on these boxes in impressive branding add-ons, while instructions are frequently printed on labels attached to the inside of the box.There may be information related to these topics on the custom labels on these boxes.


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