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How To Design A Lipstick Set Box?

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Lipstick has a history of thousands of years since its birth. With the development, evolution and popularity of lipstick, a story related to lipstick is also spread, the meaning of wearing lipstick is also enriched, and is no longer limited to the original simple beauty itself. In recent decades, the term "lipstick culture" has emerged to encapsulate the many and varied meanings of lipstick.

Under the heading of "lipstick culture", we cannot fail to mention an important part of lipstick - the high-quality lipstick packaging carton.Whether it is the original form of powder, cream or modern stick lipsticks, the first thing people learn when they come across them is the unique lipstick box.

Luxurious and elegant lipstick gift boxes not only play a role in protecting lipstick from pollution, but also exercise the mission of setting off and beautifying lipstick. So how should sustainable lipstick packaging be designed?

1 Lipstick box and lipstick colour tone matching

First of all, the lipstick box and lipstick hue match. Just like women have thousands of flavours, different lipsticks also need to have high quality lipstick boxes that match it.

Charming women prefer flamboyant red lipstick, then the big red lipstick can be matched with a red-based box, a custom lipstick for passionate women, we must choose the appearance of the atmosphere of the lipstick box.

high end lip gloss set box

2 Lipstick and lipstick box style unity

Different lipstick colours have different styles, both business and personal, can be positioned as hot lipstick, mature, light mature, fresh, subtle and other different styles, focusing on brand marketing today, high-end hot lipstick box should also focus on the cultural output, the output of the lipstick contains the connotation of the brand.

3 Lipstick box graphic design

All major brands are using watermark patterns to design lipstick packaging. The innovation of this era has greatly influenced the printing and graphic design. The printing and designing of any product can be mass produced. Watermark graphics give a very decent and soft look to the packaging and a nice colour scheme with beautiful textures will enhance the beauty of the packaging.

4 Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes

Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important to customers. People prefer to buy products with eco-friendly packaging and packaging materials play a vital role in protecting the environment.

Try to use eco-friendly packaging materials to protect your environment. Paper boxes are 100% recyclable not only eco-friendly but also affordable. Beauty companies when customising eco-friendly reusable lipstick boxes, choose eco-friendly art paper or kraft paper materials such as design recyclable and biodegradable paper lip glaze boxes.

makeup set boxes

5 Advantages of customised packaging boxes

1. Enhance product image

Personalized beauty packaging makes perfume, lipstick, makeup and other products more attractive, increasing consumer desire to buy.

2. Brand communication

Brand customised beauty packaging box can better display the brand image and enhance brand awareness and reputation.

3. Product protection

Custom lip gloss packaging boxes can be designed for different products with a more reasonable structure to protect the products from damage.

4. Environmentally friendly

Customised sustainable lip gloss boxes can use environmentally friendly materials to reduce pollution to the environment.


High-quality lipstick makeup packaging box custom factory provides fashionable and high-quality packaging solutions for beauty brands to meet the needs of different customers. Personalised lipstick packaging boxes help lip glaze products stand out and enhance brand image.

luxury lip gloss set box

Branded beauty companies should understand the importance of lipstick packaging boxes in the beauty industry, custom design unique lipstick gift boxes to add value to lipstick, and use outstanding and innovative lipstick gift boxes to attract consumers and promote big sales of lipstick.


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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