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How To Create Excellent Packaging Boxes for Your Products?

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Excellent packaging design case

In this article, we will elaborate on "packaging design cases - creating excellent packaging design" from four aspects. Firstly, we will discuss the importance of excellent packaging design for product sales; secondly, we will share some successful packaging design cases.

We will talk about how to create an excellent packaging design from the perspective of packaging design principles and techniques; finally, we will introduce how to make packaging design more successful. Through the reading of this article, you will master important knowledge about packaging design, which will help you create excellent products and brands.

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1 The importance of excellent packaging design for product sales

Packaging design is a very important part of modern brand management, an excellent packaging design can not only improve product sales, but also for the brand to bring more exposure and loyal fans. Firstly, a unique and exquisite packaging can attract consumers' eyes, arouse their interest and even emotional resonance, thus stimulating their desire to buy.

Secondly, packaging design is also an important part of brand image. A high-quality packaging design can effectively enhance brand awareness and reputation, thus strengthening the brand's market competitiveness and viability.

However, many companies often overlook the importance of packaging design, and many products on the market today lack creativity and differentiation in their packaging design. Therefore, by creating an excellent andmost suitable gift packaging box design, it can help the brand to achieve better market position and business value.

2 Successful packaging design cases

To create an excellent packaging design, you need to learn from some successful cases. Below we share some widely acclaimed packaging design cases.

1. COCO Chanel Perfume Bottle

The classic silhouette of this brand's perfume bottle combines perfectly with the concept of design that cannot be limited. The bottle's ironic lines and ubiquitous floral elements have become a classic and representative of the COCO Chanel brand. This design exudes elegance and femininity, and has become an unmissable design classic.

2. Johnnie Walker Blue Whisky

The Johnnie Walker Blue Whisky was originally designed as a label based on the 19th century conservation deco style. Today, it's a very successful packaging design. The blue satin bottle and the iconic running motif have become a very successful symbol of the brand.

3. Nutella Hazelnut Spread

The Nutella Hazelnut Butter bottle features a combination of many different elements that instantly gives consumers the impression that this is a sweet and savoury product. The shape of this bottle and the light colours on the lighter side bring a very joyful, springy feeling to the consumer.

Through these several successful packaging design cases, we can get a lot of inspiration and enlightenment. Next, we will talk about how to create an excellent packaging design from the perspective of packaging design principles and techniques.

3 How to create excellent packaging design

1. Consider product attributes

First of all, before creating a packaging design, companies need to consider the attributes of the product and the features that can be embodied. When carrying out packaging design, it is necessary to choose suitable materials, patterns, text and colours according to the characteristics of the product.

For example, yoghurt and other volatile, easily expired food in the packaging needs to focus on the function of preservation of freshness, the use of better sealing performance of the material, and clearly marked on the package expiration time and instructions, in order to avoid product quality problems; and perfume and other products without shelf-life limitations can be used in a more exquisite and softer materials, focusing on visual effects and quality sense and other aspects.

2. Focus on design details

Excellent packaging design also needs to focus on details. For a differentiated packaging design, each part is important, such as: colour, material and pattern. In addition, when designing, it is also necessary to pay attention to some details of the design, such as adding special markings on the package, highlighting key information through patterns or text, etc., in order to attract the attention of consumers and enhance their desire to buy.

3. Pay attention to packaging and brand consistency

Packaging design needs to be consistent with the brand image. When designing, we need to pay attention to find the core elements of the brand, such as the brand's logo, corporate culture and its promotional themes, etc., through the integration of these elements to design a highlight, with differentiated packaging design. Through the construction of brand image and packaging design consistency, can effectively enhance the brand's reputation and brand perception.

4. Focus on consumer demand

An excellent packaging design, without losing the focus of marketing, need to focus on consumer demand at the same time. Consumers have different needs for packaging design: some people are willing to choose more environmentally friendly, convenient, easy to use products.

While some people are in pursuit of more personalised, fashionable and unique design style. Therefore, in the process of packaging design, we need to understand the target audience of the goods to be sold, analyse and meet their needs, and improve the effectiveness of the application of packaging design.

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4 Impact on packaging design

An excellent packaging design needs to be passed to help companies achieve better marketing results. It can be understood as a process by which an enterprise improves its site ranking and promotion effect. Through that, more consumers can learn about your products, improve brand awareness, increase the number of buyers as well as increase sales.

Therefore, companies need to pay attention to some details in order to make their site and brand better to consumers. The following points need to be taken care of when doing packaging design:

1. Pay attention to keywords

Keywords are the basis for the new release of the product, you need to pay attention to the use of some of the keywords with relevance, rather than excessive pursuit of heat and high-frequency words. According to the actual situation, develop a list of keywords for this product, and layout in the article, in order to retreat an excellent search engine results.

2.Reduce loading time

Loading time is a very important factor. Long loading time will make consumers feel annoyed and dissatisfied, which will bring some negative impact on your product. The luxury gift box packaging should have faster loading speed, but also should take into account the aesthetics of the design and the need for a good user experience.

3. Sharing function

Sharing features allow consumers to share your product on social media, thus increasing your product's brand awareness and exposure. When designing the packaging, you need to pay attention to add some social sharing buttons or sharing links to provide consumers with convenient and fast sharing channels.

By increasing the exposure of a great packaging design, you can raise your brand awareness to a higher level.


This article from the importance of packaging design, successful cases, to create excellent packaging design principles and techniques, the impact of packaging design in four aspects, "packaging design cases - to create excellent packaging design" for a detailed description.

Through the reading of this article, I believe you have understood the importance of packaging design and the skills to create a successful packaging design. Also understand how to improve the impact of packaging design. In the future process of brand management, if you want to achieve better results, you must do a good job of packaging design!


  Sally Yuan
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