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Eggshell DIY original bonsai sugar Easter eggs.

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   Easter is a festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in the Western Church tradition, the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox of Easter. Church provides that if the full moon falls on Sunday, then postponed for a week at Easter. Therefore, the section between roughly in the period from March 22 to April 25. Recorded in the Bible, New Testament, Jesus was crucified on the cross and the resurrection of the body of the third day, Easter Sunday, hence the name. Easter Sunday is Christianity's most important holiday, more important than Christmas, origins and religious feasts in Israel.

Easter eggs is to make people happy – that's true! these eggs beautiful and rich decoration, they represent the people's wishes and sharing with you the joy of the season.



Big head of eggs


A saw with a roller blade

Stand up the base of eggs

Waterproof resin glue

Decorations and hot melt adhesives (not required)

Small bubble pot, placed inside the egg fixed flowers

All kinds of petals


Make step

1. looking for a big eggshell to make your bonsai. We are using an ostrich egg and goose egg, bought yolk and white had been blown out. (You can buy it online or in specialty stores to large hollow eggs) 

2. Eggshells need to knock out some use pencil to draw an ellipse. Along the edge of an ellipse with a chainsaw sawing off the egg shell. Please be sure to slow, careful and gentle. If your shell is more expensive, please practice addition on the egg.


3. we use egg shells are already blowing out the yolk and white, with small holes at the bottom. In order to keep the bonsai is leaking, we need to use a waterproof resin glue to seal small holes and dig round notch of wood fixed to the shell on the base. You can also dig holes to blow out the yolk and white, put the egg in a beautiful but empty bowls or cups, saw the shell directly.

4. once after you fix egg and the base, you can decide whether you need to add decoration. We want to maintain a simple style, and just on the edge of elliptical holes with hot-melt adhesive to imitate traditional boxwood leaves a ring on the icing sugar and egg lace.

5. put a small flower arrangement at the bottom inside the shell, add water. 

6. begin to make your own bonsai. Does not require much material-just the most Petite petals! I did level patchwork, making it look like the beautiful scenery. We use the tweezers butyl glue purple petals, honeysuckle, hyacinths, Fritillaria, forget me not, geraniums and other beautiful petals. Complete!


Eggshell DIY original bonsai sugar Easter eggs.

So, an object is the need for packaging. Even though it is a very ordinary objects, under our careful packing will appear more valuable!


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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