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Design Lipstick Packaging Box 3 Elements

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In the previous article to give you the design inspiration to design recyclable lipstick product packaging cartons, today to give you a specific account of how to set your brand design standards, in the design of packaging, you need to do the first thing is to design your design elements, is divided into the following 3 small points of advice.

1 Lipstick box style

The first thing you need to consider is the mood and personality you want to bring to your packaging. Do you want to enjoy a minimalist style in your design? Or do you want to go more over the top and stylised? Creative lipstick set gift boxes are loved by sophisticated girls.

Knowing the style you want to adopt will help guide the rest of your design and ensure that you make packaging decisions that meet your overall design goals.

Pinning down your style will also help you identify any other design elements you need to consider. Do you want a pop art feel? You may then need to complete some illustrations to guide the design process. Are you adding natural elements to your natural cosmetics brand?

double door lip stick packaging design

Then perhaps you'll want to include some nature photography on your packaging. The point is, when you know your style, you'll know what design elements are needed to encounter that style in your packaging.

2 Lip Gloss Kit Box Colours

When choosing colours, you need to choose colours that fit your brand's personality, catch your customers' attention as well as stand out from the competition. This last point is especially important in the competitive world of beauty and cosmetics.

Consider choosing your favourite brand palette as much as assembling this season's must-have eyeshadow palette; you want to maintain your brand while staying ahead of the competition. So, for example, pink is a popular colour in the beauty and cosmetics sector.

It's fun, it's feminine, and it just happens to be the colour that is widely used in all the glowing cosmetics on our faces. But if you use pink as your packaging colour, it might be hard to get the attention of your customers because every cosmetic shop shelf is already a sea of pink.

The most well-known beauty and cosmetic brands use colour as a way to build their brand. When people think of purple, they think of Urban Decay. bold blacks and whites belong to Make Up Forever. and then there's the queen of pink.

If you want your brand to be just as successful, you need to do the same thing and find a brand palette that not only jumps off the shelf, but is instantly synonymous with your brand. Choose colours that match your brand's image intention, customize a sophisticated and elegant lip gloss set box to catch your customer's eye, and achieve a branded lipstick and lip glaze that sells like hotcakes.

double double door lipstick box

3 Lip Glaze Box Fonts

As with colours, you want to be unique in your branding choices and instantly recognizable to customers as they scan the shelves.

Modern business competition is fierce, many brands of environmentally friendly biodegradable cardboard lipstick box flooded the consumer market, a wide range of similar goods, making people dazzled.

They rely on their own characteristics of the packaging to win the attention of consumers, through the shape of the exquisite, clear trademark, text, colour and harmony of the packaging style, for their brand endorsement, to enhance the competitiveness of the market.


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  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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