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Custom Printed Magnetic Box Design Ideas: How To Make Magnetic Packaging Boxes Stand Out?

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Magnetic boxes are unique, elegant, and suitable for many products because they are colorfully printed and do not have any annoying visible closures. How does the practical packaging box make your product stand out? You can also learn more about the magnetic box's features by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What are Magnetic Boxes?

Due to the fact that they use one or more magnets to close them, magnetic boxes are also called cardboard packaging boxes with magnetic closure. Boxes with magnetic closures or folding boxes with magnetic closures could also be described as magnetic closure boxes. They are hollow-walled boxes with hinged lids, which are exactly what they are. As opposed to normal folding boxes with hollow walls, this box has a lid with hidden magnets, which work together with magnets on the bottom to form a stable closure.


Magnetic Packaging Boxes Are Used For What Kinds Of Products?

A magnetic box is multi-sensory all-round fun! In addition to their haptic and visual effects, they also appeal to the acoustic senses: When they open and close, the magnets create an exciting attraction that can also be heard as a quiet "plop".

Further attention-grabbing finishes can be applied to the magnetic board on-the-spot so that it looks and feels more intriguing.


Magnetic boxes are suitable for a wide range of products that require high-quality and stable cardboard packaging:

  • Cosmetic

  • Customer Gifts

  • Product sets (with individual inlay, even multi-part sets are safely stored)

  • Candle

  • Glasses

  • Jewelry

  • Food for Chocolates/candy/Macaron/cupcake

  • Clothes

Custom Printed Magnetic Boxes: What Makes Them Stand Out?

With these design ideas for custom printed magnetic boxes, you can take advantage of colorful, striking magnetic boxes:

Boxes without irritating tabs

Due to the absence of plug-in tabs on the magnetic box lid, there are no distracting details that can ruin your print image. Magnets are located in the folded down front portion of the lid, which provides a secure closure. Magnetic boxes that are minimalistically designed are therefore even more noble and modern. By taking advantage of the extra space on the lid, colorful cardboard packaging can be created.

All sides are printed in color

All visible parts of magnetic folding boxes can be printed. Printing can be done on all six sides of the box. There are three parts to a magnetic box: the lid, the bottom insert, and the lower part. It's possible to decide whether a part should be printed or not for each part separately.


Design pulls strongly

We offer three cardboard grades in four colors: chromo board white, chromo board natural side, and brown cardboard. You should take advantage of this opportunity, since color is one of the strongest ways to draw attention to your product.

Using special colors is the best way to be really extraordinary when it comes to colors. The Xiandagiftbox.com website has these available for purchase.

Inner values are also important

A cardboard box's inside design should also be carefully considered because the inside - your product - is so important. Whether you want eye-catching printing, finishing, or an individual inlay, it's up to you. Designing a product that fits its purpose is crucial.

Design Ideas for Magnetic Boxes

Magnetic boxes are used to display products, so choose one that matches yours! Do you think the example above doesn't apply to your product? Below is a small collection of other box options you might find useful:

Unprinted: Less is more

This colorful print is perfectly suited to the product, since it gives a preview of the colorful cards inside. It may, however, be the opposite for your product. If you have a clean, modern product or one that shines, it might be good if the box recedes a little into the background so the product can stand out. Leaving the magnetic box unprinted makes sense in such a situation. An elegant and high-quality box is created when you combine a natural cardboard box.

A noble alternative to black cardboard

Because the example pictures were printed on cardboard GC1 white, they look radiant. This cardboard box displays pictures in the most beautiful and radiant manner. What about a chic black natural cardboard if you're looking for a noble alternative? Printed in silver or white, this is discreet and high-quality.


Custom inlay for more safety

A card set is inserted into the box in this example. Other fragile products, however, require an individual inlay. Depending on your requirements, we build this around your product. Individually designed - nothing off the shelf! Inlays keep products in place and prevent them from flying around inside boxes. Further, each piece of a set appears exactly as you envision it.

Magnetic packaging boxes with refined design

This example is distinguished by its colorful and artistic design. Finishes can create a design that is both effective and persuasive. Among the highlights are hot foil embossing, partial UV printing, and blind embossing.


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  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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