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Custom Cardboard Tube Packaging Box Solutions

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How Does A Cardboard Tube Work?

Custom cardboard tube packaging is made by rolling and gluing 100% recycled raw kraft paper onto metal tubes with different diameters, and after the glue dries, the tubes are cut to the exact lengths required by the customer. Consequently, both tube diameter and tube length can be customized to fit any product you want to package. Tubes can be laminated with aluminum foil inside as food-safe packaging tubes. In addition to inserts and lids, there are many customization options available.

Custom cardboard tube packaging

How Are Paper Tubes Used?

Compared to other rectangular paper containers, the cavity tubes are rounded because they fit round cans, jars, and compartments more easily.

1. Almost any food can be packaged with cardboard tubes for food paper, whether it is solid or liquid.Presently, paper cans are used more often to package food, such as candy, dried fruit, crisps, seaweed, biscuits, coffee, chicken, salt, sugar, rice, milk, drinks, liquor, etc. Paper cans made with paper as the raw material for food packaging are green and have good sealing capabilities to meet the sealing needs of packaging and ensure food safety.

2. In addition to packaging cosmetics, cardboard tubes can be used for packaging daily skincare products, lipstick, perfume, make-up, etc.The application of cylindrical paper can packaging in the cosmetics industry, breaking the square, rectangular carton of conventional packaging, enhances the grade of the cosmetic, looks more elegant, attracts consumer attention, resulting in better marketing results.

3. As well as packaging for gifts, electronic products, and children's toys, cardboard tubes have numerous other uses.As paper cans have a complex packaging structure, hot stamping, UV, spot color, drums, and other unique technologies allow them to achieve a variety of packaging effects, including innovative packaging on the market and more use of paper can packaging, which enhances product image and competitiveness.

tube box

What Are The Benefits Of Cardboard Tube Packaging?

Cylinder tubes have the advantage of fitting round bottle, can, and jar containers better than rectangular paper carton boxes. There are many applications for custom cardboard tube packaging with lids. These containers are perfect for packing hemp oil bottles, CBD oil bottles, vape bottles, and cosmetic essential oil bottles, such as beard oil bottles. Wine glass bottles can also be packaged in big cardboard tubes. T-shirt packaging, coffee, and tea storage containers are all popular uses for Kraft cardboard cylinder tubes. Candles can also be packaged with them.

These cardboard cylinder tubes are made with durable cardboard from sturdy kraft paper, with a 2mm thickness indestructible wall that can withstand crushing and won't lose shape to keep your product safe packed inside and can be used as shipping or mailing tube boxes, protecting the items inside during transport.


Compared to plastic tubes, cardboard tubes can be recycled over 80%. Compared to other packaging materials, this is the highest rate. In just 14 days, cardboard can be manufactured, used, collected, and recycled again to make a new cardboard tube. Due to its natural origin, it is a sustainable and recyclable product.

food packaging tube box


A cardboard tube is much cheaper than a plastic tube. These are easy to find and don't cost a fortune. Depending on their size, weight, and packaging needs, you can buy them in bulk online from leading stores and save money. Plastic tubes, however, are much more expensive than cardboard packaging.

Storage Made Simple

You can use cardboard tubes in healthcare, retail, and trade to store a variety of items. These are great for storing posters and paper rolls without damaging them. Besides keeping products safe, they make it easy to carry heavy items.


It's possible to customize the thickness and size of these tubes based on the level of security required. For food products to survive longer transport times, moisture is essential.

tube box package


Customers and industries can easily use cardboard tubes. In addition to toilet paper and aluminum foil, these are often used to store a variety of other items. Items inside will be protected. During loading, unloading, and transport, the tubes provide a stable cushion to keep the contents safe.

Posts About Packaging

Cardboard tubes are a great alternative to more traditional options (especially plastic). Long paper items such as blueprints, posters, artwork or maps can be packaged in this convenient manner. These boxes are not only excellent for sending and protecting items, but can also be recycled and stored for future use.


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