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Classification Of Paper Packaging

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In our daily life, we can't do without the existence of paper packaging boxes. There are many applications for packaging boxes, ranging from a courier box to a work of art. Many of them are related to packaging boxes, so what are the classifications of packaging boxes or cartons? Xiao Lu Lai of Ji Cai Packaging will briefly introduce the classification of packaging boxes according to different classification methods.

magnetic box (8)

Classified according to the industry application of the packaging box:

1. Tea packaging box

2. Wine packaging box

3. Electronic product packaging box

4. Tobacco packaging box

5. Cosmetic packaging box

6. Gift box

7. Food packaging boxes (moon cake packaging boxes, sugar packaging boxes, hardcover packaging boxes for all kinds of food)

8. Decorative packaging boxes for leather goods, clothes, jewelry, etc.

9. Packaging boxes for watches

10. Other industry types of packaging boxes

Classification according to the shape of the packaging box:

1. Tiandi cover hardcover box 2. Book-shaped hardcover packing box 3. Drawer type packing box 4. Cylindrical packing box 5. Folding packing box 6 Other types of packing boxes

Divided into according to the type of packaging technology:

1. Hot stamping packaging box 2. Concave-convex packaging box 3. Flocking packaging box 4. Refraction embossing packaging box 5. UV packaging box 6. Backlighting packaging box

Classification according to the material of the packing box:

1. Single copper paper packing box 2. Kraft paper packing box 3. Gold and silver cardboard packing box 4. Special paper packing box 5. Other material packing box


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