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Build a Strong False Nail Presence on Shelves with Custom Press On Nail Boxes

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When Your press on nails are finished – their looks are elegant and come in exclusive textures and patterns. Along with a fantastic design of press on nails, it is crucial to think about their packaging that will be identifier of your product and influencers customers to purchase your false nails. Premium and striking custom press on nail boxes showcase your false nails’ exclusive looks, portray true image and entice customers. Whether showcasing in cosmetics store or sending to fashion influencers, striking custom-printed press on nail boxes with nail-specific designs, colors and patterns showcase signature designs and artsy patterns that influence customers’ buying decisions. Custom press on nail boxes made from premium cardboard or rigid stock give perception of premium and beauty-enhancing fake nails. Custom press on nail boxes added with striking coatings and catchy embellishments stand out on shelves and grab every eye from afar. Emenac Packaging is your one-stop solution for all kinds of custom press on nail boxes. We are fully equipped with technologies, materials and expertise to provide well-designed and topnotch custom press on nail boxes in any design, size, shape, style, material, coating and add-on as per our customer’s demand. You are free to combine any shape, style, design, coating, material, colors, and add-ons to create exclusively-yours premium press on nail boxes. Whatever kind of press on nail boxes you require, 100% premium quality with no printing or die-cutting errors are guaranteed.

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The Keys to Splendid Custom Press On Nail Boxes

When it comes to press on nails, aesthetics is everything. Customers are always attracted towards products that stand out on shelves and grab their eyes. In such case, catchy design and striking looks of press on nail boxes will be a core factor to make an impactful first impression and impel customers to make a pick.

Here are the crucial design aspects that you should consider for custom press on nail boxes.

  • Emphasize the box with purposeful colors. For portraying your multi-colored press on nails, mixing and matching various colors to create a unique look of boxes work best. If your press on nails have simplistic design, single-color scheme will work great. For your multi-shade false nails, rainbow hues will be great.

  • Print the attention-grabbing textual information in custom fonts on boxes. Females buy what grabs their attention at first sight. For impelling female audience, print taglines like “Beautify Your Nails” in bold typography on boxes to captivate females.

  • Portray inside-packed product with exquisite graphics. Adding your press on nail denoting images on boxes is going to be a crucial factor to let buyers perceive the outlook of inside-packed item at first sight.

Another Way to Create Impactful Custom Press on Nail Boxes

Once you have decided the design aspects of your press on nail box but, how well your design pops on the boxes is dependent on your material selection. It is always a good choice to consider what material brings the best results.

  • Below are few material options that work well with custom-printed press on nail boxes:

  • Premium cardboard – With adaptability to all color tones and depths, cardboard stock works well with all sorts of printing. Comes in 12pt-24pt thicknesses and can be printed both inside or out.

  • Rigid stock – Best option to induce added glam and luxurious touch. Thick with an elegant touch, this material is perfect for added glam and high-end looks.

We provide custom press on nail boxes in all materials and thicknesses. So, get your custom press on nail boxes made in any material and thickness that you deem suitable. You can also ask us to send a sample kit consisting of boxes made from your required stock to validate the material quality, printing results and thickness before proceeding with your bespoke boxes.

Even More Aspects to Consider for Impelling Custom Press On Nail Boxes

The customers’ purchase decision is not just limited to design and material of boxes. The product placement inside boxes also matters and can make or break customers’ experience. A well-placed nail product kit in custom press on nail box gives the perception of high-end product and generate impulse buying.

Listed below are some add-ons and product placement options that your custom press on nail boxes need to have.

Die-Cut Window – Great way to give a sneak peek at inside placed item. Comes with see-through cut-out or PVC film covered window. Add die-cut window on your box and let your customers take a direct view at press on nail design and patterns for quick purchase decision.

Custom inserts – Best choice for keeping products snugly packed, free from swaying damage. The inserts allow you to control how your products are placed inside boxes. Available in various forms like foam and punch partitions, inserts can be die-cut in product specific dimensions for snug fit.

Precise Size – Well placement of product inside boxes gives positive perception. A precisely sized box not only offers high end looks but also averts swaying damage. Boxes in accurate size are best for single set of 10 press on nails or offering multi-pack. We are capable to enough to create custom press on nail boxes in all sizes starting from 0.75”x0.75”x1.75”.

Everything is possible here! Whatever design, material, add-ons and sizes you require for boxes, we always provide custom press on nail boxes made exactly how you want. You can even request a 3D mockup from us to ascertain the overall design of box. Physical prototyping on demand is also available to check out the material, inserts and size of box in hand.

The Essentials to Make Custom Press On Nail Boxes Distinctive

Press on nail boxes that gleam and startle on shelves are bound to captivate more. For distinction, you need to analyze your targeted audience. Sometimes flashy coatings on boxes can make an impact, while other times, a subtle finishing on the box is key to grabbing eyes. So, striking and elegantly designed custom press on nail boxes induce a startling outlook and impel the target audience.

  • Few coatings that work well for custom press on nail boxes:

  • Gloss - Best for having a layer of glint. When applied on boxes, it gives a high shine impact to their entire surface.

  • Matte - Suitable for a smooth and natural look. When applied on boxes, the end result is delicate yet soft-touch look for maximum attention-winning.

  • Holographic coating – Amazing choice for 3D shine. Provides 3D reflective finish and best to make the box stand out in a sea of similar products.

  • Spot UV - Makes printed elements pop with gleaming shine. When applied on boxes, you not just highlight design elements but, also ensure a distinction on shelves.

Creativity never ends with us. You are free to mix and match various coatings with design elements and material choices create a one-off custom press on nail box that astounds at first impression.

Work with Leading Custom Press On Nail Boxes Manufacturer – EECA Packaging

Based in the China and 20+ years of experience to back us, we are fully equipped to create custom press on nail boxes the way you require. We make the ordering process of boxes a few-step process. Firstly, select what design you want to print, choose size and material. Then, work with our creative desginers to creative designs. Afterwards, approve the 3D proofs and lastly pay for your order and get ready to receive your personalized press on nail boxes at your hand. You always get boxes with 100% perfection and no printing errors or die-cutting mistakes. You never face any order size restrictions so you can order as low as 250 boxes from us with no upper limit on wholesale orders – only restriction is your bank. You customized boxes are printed and ready to ship in standard turnaround of 12-15 days. Rush production option is also available on your request, if you need boxes early. Along with that, free shipping, free design assistance, no outsourcing and no die-plate charges are few perks that ensure you always get the best prices. What’s the wait then? Call us, talk to our experts over live chat or request an instant quote to get started with your next order.


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