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A Comprehensive Guide About Making An Advent Calendar Box

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A beautiful way to personalise the tradition of counting the days to Christmas is to create an advent calendar box. The Advent box is not just a decorative item. But it also serves as a source of daily excitement and anticipation both for adults and children. You can customise the Advent calendar to your family's preferences and tastes by making it yourself. You'll need some basic craft supplies and a little imagination to start this project. In the initial stage, you need to select the materials of the box.  Each compartment can contain a little surprise such as a chocolate bar, trinket or a card with holiday-themed activities. The making of the advent box totally depends on customization. You can paint, decorate, and wrap the box in a way that matches your decor, or reflects a specific Christmas theme.

In this guide, you will learn more about making an advent box. You can also explore further step-by-step guides about creating an advent box.  This blog also provides knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of calendar boxes. Here are also 4 most asked questions from the user about making an advent box.

What is an Advent Calendar Box?

Advent calendar boxes are a type of special boxes that are used to protect the goods. With the help of this box, you can present a gift to your beloved family members and friends. This box will provide happiness to your friends. Advent boxes usually contain 24 drawers or compartments. Each compartment contains a surprise, a chocolate bar, or a small item. To build up anticipation for Christmas, the idea is to unwrap one compartment a day. It comes in various designs and themes, from simple cardboard boxes to elaborate wooden chests. They are popular among children and adults. It offers a fun and interactive way to celebrate the holiday season. Some boxes are reusable. They allow the owner to fill them with their own treats or small gifts each year.

chocolate candy advent calendar box-2

tep-by-Step Guide Before Making an Advent Calendar Box

In this section, you can explore a detailed guide about making an advent box.

1: Choose the size and style

Decide on the size and number of compartments you would like in your  box. Think about the theme and style you would like to achieve.

2: Select a Box Design

Decide the size and design of your box. You can choose to have a large box with 24 compartments, or 24 smaller boxes. Use a wooden or shoe box. You can also make your own box.

3: Select Your Materials

Choose the materials that you will need for the base, dividers and decorations. Also, choose the adhesives. Each material should be evaluated for its durability and ease-of-use.

4: Plan your Decorations

Decide what decorative elements and themes you will use. You can use paint colors, wrapping papers, ribbons, stickers and other embellishments.

5: Create compartments

Create compartments if your box does not already have them. Divide the box into 24 equal sections using dividers. You can make these from wood, cardboard, or foam board depending on the material of your box.

6: Number of compartments

Label each compartment from 1 to 24. Use stickers, markers or cutout numbers to clearly mark each day.

7: Fill in the compartments

Decide on what you will put in each compartment. Chocolates, small toys or holiday activity notes are all common items. Fill each compartment up with the items you want to keep a secret for each day.

8: Test the Box

Close and open each compartment to make sure that it is working properly and the contents are safe.

9: Decorate the box

Decorate your box with Christmas decorations. Add ribbons, stickers or paint designs to reflect the holiday spirit.

10: Final Touches

Add any final decoration to the outside box once the compartments have been filled. Make sure that the lid can be opened and closed easily. Now that you have finished your Advent calendar, it is time to enjoy the countdown until Christmas!

advent box (6)

Advent Calendar Box: Advantages

● Personalization is one of the biggest advantages of boxes. Choose the design and material to match your theme and preferences.

● Unlike the traditional Advent calendars made of paper, an advent calendar box that is well designed can be used every year. It is not only cost-effective but it also reduces waste.

● You can fill your Advent calendar with items that are of interest to you and your family. You can include anything from small toys and chocolates to personal notes or activities.

● The daily ritual to open a compartment each day and discover the surprise within builds anticipation and excitement for Christmas. This is a great way to get children and adults involved in the holiday countdown.

● A homemade Advent calendar can be a treasured family heirloom filled with fond memories of Christmases past.

Advent Calendar Box: Disadvantages

● Making an advent calendar box takes time, effort and some craft skills. This could be a disadvantage for those who don't have time to do DIY projects or are not interested in them.

● The initial cost may be higher for materials and supplies, even though the calendar can still be used, if you use high-quality materials.

● When not in use, a sturdy Advent box can take up space. This could be an option if you are limited in storage space.

● If the box isn't stored correctly, it can become damaged over time. This will reduce its appearance and lifespan.

● You may need materials that are difficult to obtain or cost more than you anticipated.

Final Thoughts

Let your imagination soar as you embark on this enchanting journey to create your advent calendar box. Every fold of paper and every stroke of glue is a sign of love and anticipation. Remember that this box represents more than just the countdown to the Christmas holiday. It also symbolises the memories and joys you will share with your loved ones. As you place the tiny treasures in their compartments, imagine the smiles and warmth they will bring. Your box will not only serve to mark the passage of time, but it will also be a beacon that guides you throughout the festive season.

Most Asked Questions About Advent Calendar Box

Q1: What supplies are required to assemble an Advent calendar box?

Answer: You'll need an advent calendar box to make it. It will require a box base, 24 dividers (to create the compartments), decorative items like wrapping paper, stickers, and ribbons as well as glue to decorate and assemble. Do not forget to add small treats or items in each compartment.

Q2: What can you include in an Advent calendar?

Answer: It depends who you're making it for. You could fill the box with coins, small toys or chocolates if it's for children. You could include wine, cookies, beauty products or other goodies for adults. The sky's the limit for what you could put into an Advent Calendar - but make sure the person receiving it will like it!

Q3: What can I do to make sure my Advent Calendar box will last for multiple uses?

Answer: Choose a sturdy material, like thick cardboard or wood, for your base box to ensure durability. Use a strong adhesive and dividers to reinforce the compartments. Consider adding a protective layer to your decorations in order to avoid damage.

Q4: How can I create an Advent Calendar Box if I am not crafty at all?

Answer: Yes, you can! Online, you can find many tutorials and designs that are simple to follow. Start with an already-made box, and then focus on simple decorating techniques. It's important to have a plan in place and then take it slow with every step. Don't forget that the appeal of an Advent calendar made by yourself is often in its personal, unique touch. So don't fret if yours doesn't look perfect.


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