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What are the advantages of Tiandi box and the choice of gift box materials

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Heaven and earth cover box:

Tiandigai refers to a box style. The cover of the carton is "heaven" and the bottom is "earth", so it is called the cover of heaven and earth. Tiandi cover, also known as Tiandi box, is widely used in various hardcover gift boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other packaging boxes.


The gift box made of Tiandi cover is beautiful and affordable, which is its biggest advantage over other box types. Because the Tiandigai gift box has the characteristics of simple structure and heavy pattern, it is easy to form standardization in actual production. The biggest advantage of standardization is that it can use semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment to replace labor. Today, the efficiency and cost of mechanization cannot be compared with manpower, while folding boxes and book-shaped boxes cannot be operated in this way. Due to their complicated process, the products produced by automatic production are not very effective. Now there is no way to completely Mechanization, in terms of cost, Tiandigai is the first priority. As for the aesthetics, it mainly lies in the design and craftsmanship. As long as we control the aesthetics of the design of the Tiandigai gift box well, then the box shape will not have such a big impact on the aesthetics, and the Tiandigai gift box is cheap. The Tiandigai gift box has a natural advantage in price. The Tiandigai gift box has an all-round overall visual impact from the way it is opened, which is very suitable for gift giving.

The selection of gift box materials can be roughly divided into: 

1. Cardboard: blackboard with gray background, blackboard with white background, kraft cardboard, etc. 2. Gray boards: gray boards, Lanzhou boards, high-gloss boards, etc. 3. Dense board: the common thickness is 3-5mm 4. Natural materials: logs, bamboo, glass, ceramics, cotton, pulp, etc. 5. Special materials: jelly glue, silica gel, etc. 6. Plastic material: PET, PVC, etc. Gift box packaging A gift box is both beautiful and practical, so the packaging structure is very important. Common packaging structures include: simple plastic material box, carton structure, corrugated box, honeycomb pulp box, folding box and wet composite box combined molding structure, hard pulp type mounted box... Various structures combined with various materials and visual effects , forming ever-changing gift box packaging. Classification of high-end gift boxes 1. Regarding the gluing materials, the most important ones are: paper, leather, cloth and so on. Paper: including gold and silver cardboard, pearlescent paper, and various art papers. Leather: including genuine leather and anti-leather PU fabrics, etc. Fabric: including cotton, linen, etc. of various textures. Gift Box Packaging - Vatican Design"    



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  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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