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What Kind Of Paper Is Used To Pack Handbags? Choose The Right Paper And Design The Perfect Paper Bag

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With the rapid development of the printing industry, the development of paper is also very rapid. Different products and different types of paper have their own characteristics. Handbags are one of EECA's main businesses. EECA will introduce you to a wide variety of paper and reveal what paper handbags are generally packaged with, which is good-looking and durable.

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In order to adapt to different printing requirements, more and more kinds of paper are manufactured, among which several kinds of paper are more common and commonly used. The main printing paper includes newsprint, offset paper, coated paper, embossed paper, relief paper, gravure paper, dictionary paper and white cardboard. Among them, coated paper is the most commonly used paper type in handbag printing. For some handbags with high thickness requirements, we can also choose white cardboard for printing.

Newsprint is mainly used to print newspapers and books. It is a kind of paper with relatively good quality. Its paper is soft, inking is good, and has very good mechanical strength. It can well undertake the high-speed rotary printing operation. Offset paper is mainly used to print some high-grade color prints. It has good quality, smoothness and water resistance. It is used in some color posters, maps and so on.

What kind of paper is generally used to pack handbags? Coated paper is preferred. Coated paper is deeply processed on the basis of base paper. It is smooth and has high whiteness. Both its thickness and inking performance are very good. It has good elasticity and water resistance, which adds points to the performance of the handbag. At the same time, its surface can be printed with very exquisite patterns, which has become the most commonly used paper type in handbag printing.

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Embossed paper, letterpress paper, intaglio paper and dictionary paper are not introduced in detail here. Next, let's learn about another kind of paper commonly used in handbags, called white cardboard. White cardboard has a certain thickness. It is used to print handbags, which can bring a stable and solid feeling to handbags. In addition to the nature of the paper itself, the handbags printed with white cardboard can also print patterns on their smooth surface.

Through the above understanding, I believe that smart people must have their own judgment on what paper bags are generally packaged with. In fact, it is very important to choose the paper of handbags, which should be considered according to the nature of handbags. Choose the right handbag paper and design the perfect handbag. EECA specializes in the printing and design industry, which can provide you with the best handbag design and produce high-quality handbags for you.


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