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Share some commonly used packaging box names

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With the development of technology and equipment, the production process of gift box packaging has been mastered by more and more enterprises. The application of new technologies has greatly improved the efficiency of production. New equipment has gradually replaced tedious manual operations. These soft , The upgrading of hardware has improved the product quality.


1. Ordinary box type (reverse mortise lock box)

This is a very common box type, there are many on the market, and the design structure is relatively simple. Regardless of the simple structure, it can be called the originator of the paper packaging box and is the most primitive box type.

Advantages: low production difficulty; low production cost

Disadvantages: low quality; common, low differentiation

But as long as the box shape is combined with the gorgeous design, it can still become the most beautiful boy on the shelf.

2. Aircraft cover box type

Aircraft boxes are mainly used to pack some goods that are not too large and easy to transport. Its unfolded shape is more like an airplane, so it gets its name. After the packaging box is unfolded, it is a whole sheet of paper, and the structural design is used to achieve one-piece molding. There is no need for glued boxes, which can save processing costs.

The biggest advantage of the aircraft box packaging box is that it is better in compression resistance and easy to fold. This type of box is also widely used in the market, from express packaging to high-end luxury packaging can be seen in the aircraft box.

The aircraft box is a product of non-precision printing, so it is not possible to use too complicated patterns in the printing process. When designing the logo, it should be noted that the colors should not be too many and too complicated; in terms of weight, it is relatively heavy , and the volume is not too small, it needs to be considered in terms of shipping costs.

3.heaven and earth cover box typeAccording to the shape of the "cover", the heaven and earth cover box can be divided into square sky and earth lid box, rectangular sky and earth lid box, round sky and earth lid box, heart-shaped sky and earth lid box and special-shaped sky and earth lid box, etc. A variety of world cover boxes are used in various industries and have wide adaptability.

For example, the round Tiandi cover box is often used in tea packaging, and the heart-shaped Tiandi cover box is often used to pack flowers, chocolates, etc., to carry deep affection. Rectangular and square heaven and earth cover boxes are more common.

The heaven and earth cover can be fully automatic production through the box making machine, which can avoid errors caused by manual operation and greatly improve production efficiency. This is unmatched by other drawer boxes, clamshell boxes, and folding boxes that need to be manufactured by "machine manual".

Because the sky and earth cover box type is simpler than the clamshell box, folding box, drawer box and other box types, even the sky and earth cover box with a border is not complicated. The sky and earth cover is usually an upper cover and a lower cover. The upper cover completely or partially wraps the lower cover, which is very convenient to open. Under the same conditions, the cost of making heaven and earth covers is often lower than other box types. In addition, the advantage of separating the box cover is great


If you want to make exquisite packaging, designers must know the classic box type of packaging! There are various types of gift boxes. From the structure, there are upper and lower combined sky and earth cover forms, embedded combination box type boxes, left and right open door type, and package combined book type. These types have laid the foundation for the packaging box. The basic structure, under the basic institutional framework, the designers have created ever-changing box shapes, and put cool wedding dresses on the product packaging!


  Sally Yuan
  Add: No 3,Road 2,Second Industrial Zone Jiumenzhai HumenTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,523900,CN




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