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Custom craftsmanship of velvet jewelry gift box Customized high-end velvet jewelry gift box

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Velvet jewelry packaging gift boxes usually have an elegant and sophisticated look to match the quality and value of the jewelry inside. Here are some common crafting techniques:


1. Material selection: usually choose high-quality flannelette material, and material decorated with lace or lace as the inner lining.

2. Design: Designers usually create a model or sketch first, determine the appearance and size of the gift box, and consider adding details, such as bows, beads and other decorations.

3. Make the box body: usually use cardboard or other strong materials, cut and fold into the shape of a gift box. Apply fleece or other material to the inside and outside of the box.

4. Make the lid: Similar to the box body, the lid is usually made of cardboard or other sturdy material and decorated with flannelette or other materials.

5. Perfect the details: Add bows, beads, lace and other decorations on the box body and lid to increase the details.

6. Assembly: Assemble the box body and cover together, usually using glue, double-sided tape and other tools.

7. Packing: Put the jewelry into the inner lining, then put the inner lining into the box. Finally put the lid on the box to complete the gift box


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