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Chinese favorite holiday, Dragon Boat Festival, fast attention!

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The Dragon Boat Festival is a grand festival has become very popular among Chinese people, celebrating activities is also very rich, starting from the morning dawn, continued until the end until noon.

In that day we will eat Rice dumplings(zongzi,) and see dragon boat racing. Look! The pictures is I said rice dumplings,racing dragon boats and Wear sachet.

 1. Dragon Boat Racing, is the Festival's main customs. Legend has originated from ancient Chu people because reluctant to Chen Qu Yuan Jiang died, many people rowing chase rescue. They scrambled to catch the sight of Dongting Lake. After the May 5 each year to commemorate the dragon boat. By rowing dragon Boat to disperse the fish in the river, lest the fish eat the body of Qu Yuan.



2. Dragon Boat Festival dumplings.Eat dumplings, which is a tradition of the Chinese people. Family eating dumplings in the morning to commemorate Qu Yuan Dragon Boat Festival, usually the day before wrapped dumplings, cooked at night, eating in the morning. dumplings is mainly used the pond teems with tender Reed leaves, it also uses bamboo leaves, collectively called the bamboo leaves. Traditional dumplings in the form of a triangle. Dragon Boat Festival child sachet.

Rice dumplings packaging with egg,meat, rice, peanuts, etc., if you are interested in came to China I will  take you to eat haha.




3. sachet, the legendary evil means flooding is actually used in decorative flap head ornament. Sachet containing cinnabar, realgar, fragrant medicines, outsourcing to cloth, fragrant, and colored thread strings get a cable, for a variety of different shapes, forming a string, all kinds, cute.




If  any interesting festivals in your country can also share to me, I'd be interested in!

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