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Jewelry box for necklace
  • How Do You Keep Necklaces From Tangling When Traveling?
    Tangle-Free Travels Ingenious Tips to Keep Necklaces Knot-Free on the Travel Use Jewelry travel case
    2023 12-01
  • The development of China's jewelry industry
    The size of the jewelry market in mainland China has now surpassed trillions of dollars. The jewelry packaging business has now created a preliminary scale in tandem with the rising development of the jewelry sector. There are now a large number of companies involved in jewelry packaging. However, f
    2023 07-07
  • What are the materials of necklace boxes?
    I'm afraid it's difficult to say when humans first started wearing jewelry. The earliest human jewelry may most likely be dated back to the Stone Age. With the development of the entire jewelry industry over the last century, the development trend of the entire jewelry industry is also getting bette
    2023 06-28
  • Jewelry box manufacturers: tips for jewelry maintenance
    Your jewelry is a financial and emotional investment. Taking care of your jewelry not only keeps them looking good but also ensures that it will last forever. As a jewelry box manufacturer, we are committed to better jewelry packaging to protect your jewelry from damage. But when you use jewelry, th
    2022 11-15
  • What do you need to pay attention to when custom jewelry packaging?
    There are many types and styles of jewelry packaging, and each brand has its own unique jewelry packaging. To impress customers with your brand, custom jewelry packaging seems to be a very good way. However, custom jewelry packaging is not a simple matter. If you do not make adequate preparations in
    2022 09-28
  • What Is The Difference Between A Boutique Box And A Color Box
    In daily life, we always hear the terms about color boxes or boutique boxes, and all kinds of color boxes are flooded in front of us, making it difficult to distinguish their differences. So do you know which are color boxes and which are boutique boxes?Color box packaging refers to folding cartons
    2022 09-21
  • What Material Is Better For The Jewelry Box?
    What material is good for the jewelry box?1. Flocking high-end jewelry boxFlocking high-end jewelry boxes are liked by many people, and they are also commonly used jewelry boxes for people to store gold and silver jewelry.The flocking box is mainly made of plastic, and the surface is flocked. The fl
    2022 09-07
  • Paper And Paperboard Packaging Market To Develop With Widespread Plastic Bans
    Papers have been expended in flexible packaging for various products, including candy, pet food, and dried food. However, by the early 2000s, the demand for paper as a flexible packaging substrate started to diminish due to downgauging competition and the emergence of plastic substitutes. Flexible p
    2022 08-29
  • Do you know 5 types of commonly used jewelry packaging boxes?
    Jewelry is an indispensable decoration for women all over the world, and the storage of scattered and complicated jewelry is a troublesome problem, so you need a delicate jewelry box to collect your beloved jewelry. Choosing a suitable jewelry packaging box can not only help you store jewelry but al
    2022 08-10
  • Eeca Jewelry Boxes Decorate Your Life
    Eeca Jewelry Boxes Decorate Your Life. We are an experienced supplier of custom packaging manufacture. Here in Eeca we can provide you with high quality jewelry boxes that allow customization.
    2020 11-10


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