China's "double eleven" lots of packaging garbage caused concern!
Issue Time:2017-11-21

    China's "double eleven" after the courier delivery peak comes quickly, a large number of express packaging garbage also caused widespread concern. November 15, Development and Reform Commission press spokesman Meng Wei said at the press conference, at present, the NDRC is working with relevant departments to study the implementation of green logistics and green packaging in the areas of e-commerce, express delivery, take-away and other programs. In fact, earlier, the State Post Bureau has chosen Beijing and other eight provinces and 5 enterprises to carry out delivery of green packaging pilot applications. Reporter learned that many large enterprises to explore. However, some enterprises said that it is more difficult to recycle cartons from the public.


    Some experts believe that green, environmental protection and intelligence are the trend. With the express industry giant successively completed listing, in terms of environmental protection, corporate social responsibility is facing more and more requirements, but green Courier packing face to the ground and the decentralized supply chain resources problems.

     November 15, Development and Reform Commission press spokesman Meng Wei said at the conference, e-commerce, express delivery, take-away and other fields will implement the green logistics, green packaging implementation of the program. Prior to this, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and other ministries ten ministries have jointly issued the "Opinion on the work together to promote courier green packaging," put forward that the courier industry green packaging to achieve the three major objectives, namely, green, reduction, recycling . And the "Guiding Opinions" also further clear: By 2020, the proportion of degradable green packaging material applications will be increased to 50%, the main express brand agreement customer e-AWB usage rate reached 90%, an average of 10% the above. The basic establishment of delivery industry packaging management system.

   In addition, press access to information found that on October 13 the State Council has issued the first new rules for the supply chain, clearly "actively promote the green supply chain" as one of the six tasks, the green part of the development trend is the trend.