China Metro will be the first export to the United States
Issue Time:2017-10-27

On October 16 the Changchun rail passenger Corporation developed the first American car in Boston's orange line subway cars off the line in Changchun, is expected to arrive in America in December this year.

 The car is the first American standard subway cars with completely independent intellectual property rights, compared to existing railway operations in Boston decades-old cars, this batch of Metro vehicle will greatly improve the travel experience of American passengers. The car is made of stainless steel bodywork, operation speed of 102 km, vehicle service life of up to 30 years. 

Boston Metro orange line strength, control security, quality management system standards are used in the United States. This is the first vehicle systems are designed using American standard products, implementation of ANSI totals up to more than 120, both of the American Association of persons with disabilities (ADA), the US Environmental Agency standards run, Massachusetts public safety bill, human engineering of the United States military MIL standard. 

Vehicles using the new platform, is to design, independent research and development, vehicle has full independent intellectual property rights in China.

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