Chinese National Day,Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017,Public holidays 8 days.
Issue Time:2017-09-29

This year, China's national day and the Mid-Autumn Festival together, so is 8 days statutory holidays. 

Our companyEECA packaging printingin order to better serve our customers in a timely manner. So make the holidays for 5 days.


On a recent holiday.


National day national holiday, is the anniversary of the victory of the national. 




With Chili set the Chinese national flag.


Mid-Autumn Festival on behalf of reunion, everyone wants to go home and reunite with their families, the full moon and eat moon cakes.

Eat moon cakes, tea.

That night, the Moon is so bright and so round.

Mid-autumn day of reunion, we will talk to family, friends, dinners, fun.


Finally, after the holidays, and will reply to all email. Thanks for your patience!