What is the difference between cardboard paper and kraft paper?
Issue Time:2017-04-13

There are a lot of paper, such as cardboard paper and kraft paper, then Board and how to distinguish the cortex?  

What are the methods of the difference?


1. Weight difference: Kraft paper grams important above cardboard paper, according to the 12th post sizes of carton packaging, kraft paper weight is greater than 45g, and paperboard of less than 35g.  


2. The price difference: Kraft paper-sheet lower cardboard paper prices prices for materials and material differences.   



3. Color: Natural kraft paper box color, yellow paper, surface smooth; cardboard paper sheets of gray and rough. 

4. Hardness difference: Kraft paper containing more fiber, toughness and hardness are better, higher compressive strength of kraft paper box. And the Board had been laced with old material kraft paper, less fibrous, average quality, very soft. Pinch the cardboard paper with nails is the easiest method to identify its hardness, the worse the material easy to pinch broken.