World Forest day,maintenance of forest is the world's top priority!
Issue Time:2017-03-21
    March 21, 2017---World Forest day.

Maintenance of forest is the world's top priority!

"World Forest Day". The anniversary was in 1971, teneilifudao the European agricultural Union Conference, by the Spanish proposed initiatives and be adopted by consensus. In November, the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) official confirmation. 

On December 21, 2012, in its resolution A/RES/67/200 of the General Assembly declared March 21 as the international day of forests every year, from 2013 organizing commemorative activities. 


March 21 as the international day of forests was established to improve at all levels for present and future generations of all types of forests, sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of consciousness to make useful contributions. 

"World Forest Day" was born, marked the alert of forest issues. There is a general consensus: "forests can make a great contribution to human and environmental security, poverty eradication and improving the human condition, there is huge potential for many. 

"For people and forests to coexist for a long time, global imperatives:" 

1.preservation of and increase forest coverage; 

2.restore and improve forest functions; 

3.strengthen farming to make up for the development and use of forests;

4. attach importance to the rights of forest indigenous and forest workers.

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