US food labels out of the new regulations will affect company export into the US
Issue Time:2017-03-08

     It is reported that the recent US Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Bureau issued a new food labeling information and guidelines. The introduction of the new regulations on food safety will be on a certain amount of China's exports to the United States have a certain impact.

                    The United States publishes new food labeling information and guidelines

     Recently, the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Bureau issued a new food packaged labeling information and guidelines to encourage food manufacturers and retailers to use "bestifusedby" label to facilitate consumer screening at the same time, reduce consumer waste of food.

    According to reports, the United States on the sale of packaged food labels, the manufacturers marked in different ways, respectively, "bestby", "useby" or "sellby" and other forms. The US Department of Agriculture intends to unify the date on the food label as "bestifusedby" and to require the use of eggs, meat and dairy producers in order to address the confusion caused by the date of labeling of food labels, causing the public to misunderstand food expiration.

     American National Association for the Protection of Resources, said that regardless of the current date of the label or the new "in a day before the best use" date, not the food expiration date, those dates only that the best food status, not food Safety indicators.

At the same time, in order to standardize the use of pigment in food ingredient labels, in December 2016, the United States released the use of fruit and vegetable juice as a food pigment additives guide, and requires all the color before use must be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA, And in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration FDA to allow the use of conditions, specifications and restrictions. Require the producer to label the juice and vegetable juice as a pigment in the ingredient label. Juice and vegetable juice When used as a food pigment, you can label "artificial pigment", "add artificial pigment", or "add pigment", or clearly indicate that you have used the pigment, such as "fruit juice pigment", "vegetable juice pigment "

It is reported that the US Customs on the label does not meet the requirements of imported food, regardless of its quality, are in violation of food labeling regulations on the grounds of automatic detention. 2016 Ningbo area exports 3624 US food, 134 million US dollars, mainly canned orange, canned aquatic fish, kitchen wine and so on.

   To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the majority of food exports to the United States enterprises: First, to further enhance the awareness of the label, pay attention to the collection of relevant foreign laws and regulations; Second, timely response to adjust the contents of a reasonable response to improve their self-control system to avoid unnecessary The third is to sign a contract with foreign customers to strengthen the identification of the audit to prevent the difference between the label and the actual; new products before export to strengthen inspection and quarantine departments to communicate and enhance the ability to deal with foreign technical trade measures.