Packaging and printing industry Prospects
Issue Time:2017-01-11
   The development level of a country's packaging industry and its packaging design research and development concept, is the country's economic life, an important indicator of the degree of civilization. Packaging industry not only covers the packaging product design, production, packaging and printing, packaging, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging machinery and packaging equipment manufacturing and other production areas, and its packaging products are also involved in the first to the third industry, the flow of goods per A link.

   Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of China's packaging industry, China's packaging industry after the United States, the world's second largest packaging country.

   The rapid development of the world and the pursuit of quality of life, will inevitably require enterprises to invest in the corresponding packaging equipment to meet the needs of production.

   Dongguan EECA packing and printing Industry Ltd is a professional factory which research and develop all kinds of garment accessories and gift box.The factory build in 6000 squire meters,with advanced equipment includes imported full color printing machine,paper cutter,die-cut machine,rotary press, trademark machine,semiautomatic platform screen printing machine,etc more than 30 machine.What s more,we own production line of platform screen printing and Air bubble removing machine For gift box.

     With an excellent team of design,mold,sampling and producing,we can manufacture variety products according to the requirement in your market.Over the years with our management idea of honesty,high quality,creative,we continuously improve and create in the area of design, production processes and quality control.Well-deserved reputation,high quality,good customer service are the basic of happy co-operation.Therefore, we will work hard for providing good quality, perfect service,to create biggest competitive edge.