Paper prices are not only up in China, the world is very fierce crazy up!
Issue Time:2016-12-27

    As the industry supply and demand is difficult to change in the short term, the rise of raw materials is global, and is likely to continue to rise, so the breakdown of the types of paper prices are expected to remain high.

Sappi (Europe), the world's leading manufacturer of coated paper, wrapping paper and specialty paper, announced that it will increase its price of printed paper products in the UK by 10%.
    In addition, the Chinese paper prices sold to Europe, paper products are also rising prices, it is understood that the APP APP announced in the United Kingdom will Jindong Paper and Jinhua Sheng Paper all non-coated products prices increased by 10% in January 2017 February implementation.

    The rise in paper prices represents a rise in the price of packaging box.