German Chancellor Angela Merkel re-election of the "odds" and "variables"
Issue Time:2016-11-22

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the evening of 20 officially announced in Berlin in September 2017 to participate in the German general election, to seek re-election of prime minister.

     Merkel said in a press conference that evening, she has repeatedly been asked whether the re-election, when her answer is to choose the "appropriate time" to announce the decision. "Now is the right time."

     Ms Merkel says she and her government have achieved some goals over the past 11 years. Now she knows exactly how she will continue to govern if she is re-elected as German Chancellor.

     Merkel said the elections will be the most difficult since the reunification of Germany, because the requirements of the left-wing parties must be dealt with; on the refugee issue, Germany needs the right national policy.

      62-year-old Merkel from November 2005 as the German Chancellor. If you win in the 2017 election, Merkel will start her fourth term as Prime Minister.

Merkel to seek re-election of the German people how to see?

silent faction:

Anti-Merkel faction:

Demolite faction:

    And I think the people who have the ability to re-election, but also because she wins the hearts of the people. If a prime minister can bring development and well-being to the country and people. Then she is eligible.