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How Should You Select Jewelry Box Materials and Printings?

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Many potential jewelry box set joint venture partners may be wondering why plastic jewelry cases with attached embryos were once so popular. After ten years, the situation deteriorated. For several manufacturers, paper jewelry boxes became a popular product line. Many young people have been perplexed by personalized jewelry box packaging, which frequently employs the bronzing method. Today, we will discuss two aspects of paper jewelry boxes.

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What Is the Best Material for Jewelry Packaging Boxes?

The first thing to notice is that many plastic embryo boxes have one thing in common: they are quite tall. They aren't suitable for the average customer. There are only two situations in which these jewelry containers could be useful. The first step is to distribute them fairly, whether it's a headpiece or a specific brand of suit. In this situation, having an excessive number of plastic embryo boxes is one problem, while having a paper bag printed specifically for you is another. The majority of plastic embryo boxes are square, tall, and lack bottom space.

The loading balance point of a suit is elusive, but the paper jewelry box is one-of-a-kind. Many paper jewelry box manufacturers prefer the box style, with its dimensional heaven and earth cover and drawer box design. To accommodate the inner support, the height is frequently only 60%-70% of the height of the plastic embryo box, the floor area, and the cross area will extend to a sharp one, and paper bags can be neatly stacked like Legos.

Another natural advantage is the paper-mounting procedure used in jewelry packaging. On the surface of many plastic embryo boxes, there is PU leather or other non-paper exterior paper mounting. Even if there is a special paper with a special treatment, You can also create some complicated processes on it, and the special paper itself is a sort of pretreatment process, and it also has a certain degree of beauty, making it stand out in a crowd of similarly designed jewelry boxes. Furthermore, the unique special paper used as the paper-mounting paper in this series of jewelry package boxes may serve as a memorable emblem.

The function of a plastic embryo box or a paper jewelry box is inherent in both. It safeguards the jewelry during transit. From the end user's or consumer's point of view, make it easy for them to use it, and only when they use it joyfully and have a positive experience will it be a genuinely significant improvement.

Choosing Jewelry Packaging Box Printing

In the most common case, eighty percent of children believe that the shiny gold used by jewelry paper bag manufacturers is more expensive than dull gold. You've made a critical error here. The causes of these phenomena and the visible shifts are unknown.

To begin, the jewelry and paper bag industries are not solely to blame for the phenomenon in which brilliant gold costs more than stupid gold. This is a common error made by newcomers to the packaging industry, particularly those from small businesses. The metallic hue of hot stamping (whether brilliant gold or dull gold) and heat transmission from hot stamping to paper are major contributors to optical illusions. The vivid contrast will give the impression that the cost of brightness is higher, which will have an impact on the pricing cost when selecting the specific gold.

Why, for example, do companies that specialize in making paper bags for jewelry sell their brilliant gold at a lower price than their stupid gold? There are two possible primary causes. There are two issues to consider here: liquidity and the cost process. In general, liquidity will have an indirect impact on the cost process. Because dumb gold is generally more expensive than bright gold due to its lower liquidity, ordinary dumb gold is likely to be required before the jewelry paper bag. It is very difficult to go to the outside market if the manufacturer of the customized paper bag does not have the appropriate bronzing paper because the quality of the purchased paper may not meet the requirements and the price fluctuation will be relatively large.

However, it is not entirely true that all jewelry paper bag manufacturers' dumb gold is more expensive than bright gold. Because some bright metal colors may not be tradable, the manufacturer will have to order them specifically for the handbag at a flat rate or even a higher price.

What Are the Design Principles for Packaging Patterns?

As the saying goes, "People rely on clothes, Buddha on gold," so our products' packaging is critical. Good packaging design can boost the perceived quality of our products. Our pattern design is the most important aspect of our packaging design. People's attention can be drawn to a good pattern design. Because we are visual, sensitive, and pay attention to good things, we should pay attention to pattern design, how to improve product packaging, and how to design the pattern. Let's look at what principles should be followed in pattern design.

1. Form and content must be consistent and precise.

It can inform people about the product at a glance, and the content is crystal clear.

2. Display the goods completely.

There are two options available. One option is to use brightly colored photos to represent the goods. This is most commonly used in food packaging, such as candy, cakes, and other baked goods. The vivid color photos make people drool by showing the color, taste, and shape; the second is to directly display the goods themselves. In textiles and light industrial products, transparent packaging and skylight packaging are very popular.

3. Emphasize the color of the product image.

The use of numerous image tones that reflect large categories of goods can cause consumers to produce cognitive reactions similar to signal reactions, and quickly determine the contents of the packaging by color. The cake, for example, is generally golden.

4. It includes a specific and detailed text description.

Specific instructions on the raw materials, efficacy, use, and maintenance of the product, as well as a concise schematic diagram, should be included in the packaging pattern design.

5. Maintain the package's functionality.

Pattern design efficacy in packaging design is primarily manifested in the following aspects: protective performance design, including moisture-proof, mildew-proof, moth-proof, shock-proof, leak-proof, shatter-proof, anti-extrusion, and so on; Convenient performance design, including convenience for store display, sales, and carrying and use by customers; Customers can understand the goods by the "self-introduction" of the packaging image, and then decide to buy, thanks to the selling performance design.

6. Series packaging.

We believe that products produced by each enterprise or under the same brand trademark, regardless of variety, specification, package size, shape, package shape, and pattern design, all adopt the same pattern, even the same color, giving customers a unified impression, so that customers can tell what brand the product is at a glance.

7. Pay attention to the use of patterns.

Different countries and regions have different customs and cultures, which results in different preferences for patterns. If a brand wishes to expand internationally, it must consider this issue and adapt the brand packaging design to the specific conditions of different countries and regions.

Pattern design includes the creation of patterns, characters, and backgrounds. Such designs can have a visual impact on people. People's attention can be quickly drawn to a good pattern design. This is unquestionably an effective method of marketing and sales. As a result, we must pay close attention to our pattern design. When designing patterns, we must understand the design principles that are more conducive to our design.


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